Adapting To Senior Life Changes

Midwest City, OK (PressExposure) September 14, 2009 -- Adapting to, and accepting senior life changes can be difficult. But, change is inevitable; it's the law of nature. Fortunately, the natural process of aging is gradual, and those who are near and dear to you seldom notice these changes.

But, the fact remains that you are getting old. With advancing years, your lifestyle should be re-oriented in such a manner that you do not put unnecessary strain on the diminishing reserves of your body.

Moderation, in everything you do, is the keyword. Continue with your activities but do it in moderation. Health plays a major part in the life changes of senior citizens, and unfortunately, another aspect often overlooked, is the "environment." Giving attention and importance to this aspect, you can manage many other problems, such as accidents, falls, loneliness, and health concerns.

Some major environmental problems that senior citizens should consider as high priority, are:

1. Finding a suitable place to live after retirement should be priority Number 1. Large cities are good for younger people, but senior citizens might want to consider relocating to a pollution free town or village, in the outskirts of the city.

2. Choose a place that is not too far from your friends and relatives. They could be of assistance should the need arise.

3. Ground floor or one-level living arrangements are best for senior citizens. If possible, avoid split-level houses, or at least install sturdy hand rails where there are steps.

4. The house should be well ventilated and provide plenty of sunlight.

5. The floors should be well carpeted. Worn out carpets can be dangerous, and cause you to be injured by trips or falls.

6. Electric wiring should be permanent and electrical gadgets need to be in good, safe working order.

7. Avoid wearing loose or long clothing. Many accidents are caused by tripping and falling because senior citizens got caught in long skirts or ill fitting slacks. Fractures and injuries that happen in senior life can take much longer time to heal, or could elevate to permanent disabling injuries.

8. A wearable alarm to assist in protecting your well-being, might be a good decision. Small alarms disguised as a fashionable necklace or watch could be a best friend in an emergency situation. For instance, if you fell and were unable to get to your phone, would someone find you quickly, or would you lie there for hours, even days? But, by pushing a button on your pendant or wrist watch, help could be on the way.

9. Wear clothing that is appropriate for the season. For instance, wearing lightweight summer apparel, when the weather has turned cold, could lead to body pain, arthritis, or chest colds.

10. Senior life needs to involve entertaining guests and socializing, but should be enjoyed in moderation. The consequences of over eating, or heavy drinking could increase health problems.

11. Strive to stimulate your mind and keep maintain mental faculties active. One of the best ways to stay mentally active, and to have fun, is to spend time on the Internet. The whole wide world is at your finger tips, if you can or learn to operate the computer. If you are unable to use a computer, there are many resources to help seniors learn and become proficient in using the computer and the Internet. Staying in touch with friends through email, reading the latest international news and, visiting interesting websites can be fun.

Senior life changes should not mean that you must give up participating in community activities. Your lifestyle might have changed, but your experience, knowledge and expertise will be needed and much appreciated by your community. Share it with them, enjoy yourself and make senior life happy and pleasant.

Changes in senior citizens lifestyles and environments can have emotional under currents. Depression and loneliness can become problems, such as missing long time neighbors, friends, and some of your favorite haunts or activities.

Unfortunately, changes must be made in your changing world and circumstances. But, making senior life changes in the right spirit can help you transform into, and enjoy retired life.

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