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1552 Goldcliff Circle Washington, DC (PressExposure) April 19, 2009 -- Traditional marketing says that ads and full blown exposures work, this is why the marketing industry is a multibillion dollar business. If you’re a new company then you’re thinking of pouring all your start-up capital to gain exposure to your intended crowd then I dare say that you’re already moving in the wrong direction. While traditional marketing such as flyers, television and radio ads worked a couple of decades back, this was mainly because those were the only alleys of information that really reached a widespread audience but as of today that no longer is the issue.

With the availability of the internet and the steady improvement in individual connections, people are turning towards the internet for their daily source of information. A study done a couple of years ago show that there has been a 30 percent decline in television viewers and an increase in internet users at the same time. The number has been increasing ever since and I doubt that it will decline until a more effective medium will come out.

Here’s where the new kind marketing stands out. Traditional marketing depended on people taking time to notice ads that were irrelevant to their needs but when it comes to the internet most people are only looking at the things that they are interested in. Thus SEO or search engine optimization is born.

Companies like this San Francisco SEO firm, Crest Media Inc., is an internet marketing company that lets your intended audience find you faster and easier through search engines like Google and Yahoo. As of the moment these two search engines cover about 95% of the world’s internet users so making use of these giants should be a no brainer when it comes to improving your business. You could that when you’re website or product shows up on the top of their search lists then that’s an instant endorsement from very influential entities. Another beauty that’s evident in SEO is that it doesn’t tick off people when they don’t want to be bothered they are the one the find you when they need you making it more likely for them to acknowledge your service.

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