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Columbus, Ohio (PressExposure) February 15, 2012 -- Eternal youth has been desired by mankind for time immemorial. Improvements in technology and medical breakthroughs have allowed the beauty industry to develop beyond the standard techniques. Advanced Laser Skin Center is an institute known for its focus on scientific solutions to skin problems, offering several highly advanced procedures including Acne Treatments, Laser Hair Removal, Microdermabrasion and DOT Therapy among others.

Acne Treatments seek to destroy bacteria in blocked pores and prevent future clogging, providing solutions for the mildest to the severest acne. This is achieved by way of light based application. Laser Hair Removal (FDA approved) aims to provide a safe and quick solution to unwanted hair, providing long term results as well as minimal side effects. This is achieved by directing specific wavelengths of light to destroy hair follicles inside skin to prevent future growth.

Moreover, advanced treatments like Microdermabrasion and DOT therapy revitalize skin so as to achieve a younger and healthier appearance. Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layer of old, dead skin cells by way of targeting a stream of aluminum oxide crystals over the area. It is essentially an exfoliation process aiming to improve the texture of skin. Softer skin with fewer flaws like wrinkles or acne scars can be achieved. On the other hand, DOT Therapy is a modernized version of laser skin resurfacing, involving creating tiny dots in the skin which cause tightening as well as collagen growth. Smoother skin with a marked reduction in wrinkles, visible scars and reversal of sun damage leads to an overall rejuvenated appearance. This technique's main advantage lies in the reduced downtime required because it enables rapid healing of skin.

Advanced Laser Skin Center provides these services and many others. A medical facility designed as a day spa, they provide qualified and experienced professionals to cater to your beauty needs. Their services are dedicated to safety, well-being and privacy to which end they ask for complete medical histories before starting treatment and offer online in-depth advisory sessions by experts. Moreover, for the assistance of their customers, online discount coupons are available on request as well as credit facilities on the cosmetic services provided. This adds further attraction to the promised luxurious experience and their continuous introduction of new technology ensures the efficiency required to satisfy customers.

Advanced Laser Skin Center boasts a highly qualified team which has been extensively trained and is well experienced in the field of skin treatment. With the wide range of services on offer, as well as the opportunity for detailed consultation with these experts, anyone looking for safe and effective cures for their beauty ailments, should consider Advanced Laser Skin Center. Their team fully understands the need for innovation to provide you with the best services in your quest for youthful beauty. Don't hesitate to avail those offers and check them online now on their web portal at Watch it now!

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