Advantage Of Tungsten Carbide as Wedding Ring From Other Materials

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) May 22, 2009 -- There are many kinds of wedding rings today that couples could freely choose from. From traditional wedding rings such as gold wedding rings, to cheaper yet elegant wedding rings such as those made from white gold, couples nowadays have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of wedding rings. One of the most popular wedding rings today came from a newly introduced material that became very popular because of its sheer durability, everlasting luster, and most especially of its affordable cost. This material is called tungsten carbide.

Advantages of Tungsten Carbide from Other Materials

tungsten carbide ring are proven to be a lot more durable than platinum rings when it comes to wedding bands. This is mainly because tungsten itself, as proven by its previous industrial uses, is tougher than any of the precious metals used in jewelries. In fact, prior to its application in jewelries, tungsten was used in high stress machines such as cutting tools for carbon steel and stainless steel.

Carbide, on the other hand, when used as coat, leaves a better finish and allows faster machining. Carbide tools can also withstand higher temperatures more than standard high speed steel tools.

When combined, the two materials form a very durable alloy - tungsten carbide. As such, tungsten carbide ring has become known for its durability that can withstand any kind of scratches and denting. However, aside from its durability, wedding rings made from tungsten carbide also possess a glossy black hue buffed to mirror-like shine that could last for years, whereas platinum ones develop a hazy patina after years of wear. In addition to this, many consider it a perfect, if not better, alternative to gold because of its density. While gold tends to lose its durability with higher quality or carats, tungsten carbide retains its durability and elegant luster. Also, a typical tungsten carbide ring has a hypoallergenic composition and causes little or no irritation to sensitive skin unlike gold.

Disadvantage of Tungsten Carbide

One known disadvantage of a tungsten carbide ring is its toughness, which makes it nearly irreparable when fractured. Another disadvantage of tungsten carbide is that it used to cause skin irritation and staining in the jewelry itself back when it was used with cobalt binders. Now, however, many manufacturers advertise their jewelry to be "cobalt free". This is achieved by replacing the cobalt with nickel as a binder.

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