Adventures in Space and Time

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) September 28, 2009 -- When Einstein posed the conundrum: "Did God have a choice when He created the Universe?" it could be said that he was choosing the easy question. Why only one Universe? In Einstein's Question, Steve and Deja Whitehouse describe a Multiverse where all elements, from sub-atomic particles to established universes vie for their own survival; each entity has its own valid right to exist, but, in asserting this right, each entity risks jeopardising the balance of the Cosmos as a whole.

An interesting academic proposition in itself. But in Einstein's Question, the issue becomes an adventure, as each entity takes on a semi-anthropomorphic form and the vying laws of physics are translated into actions recognisable as being not dissimilar to those of humans. At the centre of this adventure are four academic friends who are brought in by the Government to assist in combating an alien invasion. However, the story goes beyond simple War of the Worlds, when the battlefield defies our day-to-day notions of space and time, forcing the boffins to turn their hypothetical musings into a plan of action.

Their encounters with other entities in the Cosmos not only enlightens them more about the laws of physics and the epistemological implications that follow, but the reassurance of human moral absolutes is undermined when it becomes clear that the balance of the Multiverse, and not the narrow self-interest of any one constituent part, is at stake - a humbling thought when considered against the background of near-destruction that humans are wreaking on Earth.

Steve and Deja Whitehouse, the co-authors of this novel, live in Laleham, Middlesex. They come from different backgrounds: Steve has always been involved in the Physics world, with a number of published papers and articles on different issues, while Deja grew up in a more artistic environment and then developed a career in IT Consultancy. The collaboration for Einstein's Question proved to be a highly challenging and enriching experience for them both, which turned into a sort of skills exchange culminating in this brilliant work.

The changes of perspective through space and time that form the backdrop of Einstein's Question are dazzling, leaving the reader with a much more measured view of the value of our small planet.

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