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New Delhi, India (PressExposure) May 11, 2009 -- Advertising has a significant role contributing towards the gross domestic product of any country The advertising expenses in the print advertising has declined significantly over the years, as magazines, struggling in spite of publishing latest business and statistics reports. The growing trend of browsing is shifting the advertisers focus to the internet advertising.

Print advertising may recover with the economy or is it a permanent shift of advertisers opting other medium, the answer may vary from sector to sector, the pitch to a long term dialogue. There is still a huge population that can effectively and efficiently be targeted by print advertising if proper marketing and target meets the new right customer.

The ad needs to be created on new data to enhance the information and build a long-term relationship what we refer as loyal customers. As the recession is forcing marketers cut down their budget in radio advertising to just cheer a nominal profit, but the advertisers should keep in mind that people are spending more time listening, reading and watching these days due to job loss.

So Radio advertising, television advertising, outdoor advertising, print advertising and airport advertising can form an advertising network that will serve a large audience in spite of tight budget, as entertainment is the first hobby in these hard times, watching and listening with popcorn or just a drink.

Advertising is all about what we present and how

Television advertising with its keen interest on global events and speeches or even so called breaking news boosts the revenue spent and the cycle rolling. Advertisers are now spending more online and on digital television advertising so the traditional media like the print advertising and radio advertising are on a major setback.

With the advent of digital screens and popularity of malls, cinemas and out door culture developing as a side effect of apartment culture, where people tend to spend more time outdoor; the outdoor advertising has no major setback and is rising in a steady pace.

Print advertising ,television advertising or even the grad dad’s radio advertising all are here to stay competing each other and with the big dad the internet advertising which has a major drawback that is software’s blocking the ads and pop ups . The toll bridges, gas stations or even a car parking are major upcoming outdoor advertising spots, the traffic lights and the bus stops have always been the agencies favorite. Airport advertising is suffering from revenue that’s here to stay at least a year until new airports are redesigned and a advertising network flourishes to serve us with new ideas and services as the economy witnesses the good time again. Advertising network companies are the next buzz word and internet the next play ground for advertisers and customers. Let’s Play to Win.

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