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New Delhi, India (PressExposure) May 02, 2009 -- Advertising is the keyword for your company or business success. There are many forms of advertising, because it depends on the product you present to the public. A company has a budget and spend considerable, if they advertise their products or services then it helps to provide a product or company probably millions of customers if they are advertising in various modes and forms.

This is the main reason we are surrounded by this airport advertising and other promotional ideas, as we are on our way to our company or a holiday. Expenditure in advertising is increasing in spheres like health, education and travel.

Compared to radio advertising and print advertising, when it comes to television advertising, it is the most effective of all when it comes to being a more effective medium.

The small villages and towns that one’s thought to be just a dot on the map are attracting attention of MNC’s.Television advertising which still holds a major share in spite the growth of internet and other. This allows innovative ideas to be shared.

Print advertising, mainly based on psychological theories and market research pictures the weakness and behavior of customers. The main disadvantage is that it gets cluttered and gets lost with the competitors ads. Magazine is a better form of print advertising as the readers are in a relaxed state of mind ,they can even save your ad and return as many times as they wish.

Airport advertising which catches the attention of every passenger and commuters. When we wait at the airport, our eyes are naturally attracted to the beautiful, smart and interesting advertisements. This is the main reason we are surrounded by these airport advertising and other advertising ideas when we are on our way to our business travel or a holiday. In airport advertising the viewer ship has no escape route which is focused and compelling too has diverse target consumers from corporate leaders to decision makers that makes it the most interesting and challenging platform all over the world.

Outdoor advertising has a greater frequency of viewers as it remains in the same place for months and the same viewer’s passes through it number of times. Outdoor advertising needs a low budget with small crew to start with, it has a quick response, reminds too often about their service. Mobile billboard trucks provide flexibility of location and time, even on traffic jams and remote parts of the town.

Radio advertising ensures low cost, with basic terms available; it’s an easy choice as per the requirement for maximum benefit. It creates a lasting impression as its played repeatedly over specific time period but it is difficult to reach the target audience who does not listen to radio that is a major disadvantage attached to it. Radio advertising has greater return on investment as it reaches the right people at right time. Reference website:

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