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Bangalore, Karnataka India (PressExposure) April 06, 2011 -- Brands globally have realized the emphasizing fact that, Cash spent on Advertising budgets is not sufficient to access their impact on overall environmental initiatives. They have come to realize and accept the fact that social norms towards environment and advertising are changing and consumer's now associate brands and advertisements for what Organizations do and don't.

The Optimal result of which, more and more Organizations are making tactical decisions, incorporating both positive brand impact and negative brand risks into their advertising equations. This is the power of "Green Advertising or Branding" as it is the personification of all information connected to a brand, which serves to create an association centring on positive expectations to the brand as well as the environment.

Though intangible, a brand may generate significant value for a company based on its ability to create differentiated experiences for consumers and thereby enable the company to generate and sustain future cash flows as a result.

Increasingly, leading Ad- Companies are recognizing that environmental issues have the potential to impact brand value either positively or negatively and are taking the right initiations towards it.

Synergos Tech Consulting understood the vitality of this factor and is aggressively responding with positive green branding initiatives that are intent on shoring up its Client Credentials and also helps in protecting the environment.

Presently, Leading Brands are responding to global concerns about the environment by creating green campaign investments which strengthens the brand value. Marketing a Brand green involves actions that define green brand leaders and initiators. These actions need to be considered by most of the companies who are looking forward to Go-Green with their branding solutions.

1. Be answerable. Companies should acknowledge that environmental issues such as climate change, global warming are real and can begin to attract the growing group of consumers looking for green brand leadership and advertising in a cult status by following the pack leader and determine their environmental impact and track metrics over a period of time.

Corporate Social accountability is the need of the hour and is one of the top pillars of successful brand Communications, when it comes to the environmental space protection. Consumers are becoming increasingly net- savvy and demanding when it comes to protecting the environment. Hence Companies should not think twice in setting high goals for themselves when it comes to the environmental protection practises or the way they conduct business as the way they advertise themselves has become effortless now.

2. Be Transparent Leading brands should providing public disclosures of their environmental and social impact by the business they do. This acts as a good faith among the interest of the public.

3. Be a Realistic Enabler Today, Consumers are doubtful as many companies have tried to green wash hollow environmental efforts. As such, companies must work hard to build credibility and earn consumer trust over time or best follow a leader, when it comes to branding themselves in the best possible manner as consumer expectations have changed. It is not enough for a company to green its products. Consumers expect the products; they purchase which helps in reducing the environmental impact in their own lives too.

4. Formulate a Vision plan A Vision plan helps in making decisions, which help in redefining their strategy and reshape the entire industry and environmental dynamics. Organizations recognize that environmental issues can also impact positive brand value.

Hence, in response to it, leading brands are increasingly incorporating brand metrics into their evaluation criteria for green investments and taking action to green their advertising operations and marketing communications.

If you're concerned about your green brand advertising, We can assist you in designing a Holistic Green Brand Advertising Solution for your unique needs and Rest assure that your brand platform will be unique, just like your business.

Here are 7 top reasons to consider Synergos as your partner in Green Brand Advertising.

1. Advertising Yourselves Green saves the environment and the trees as all the advertising is done without the help of paper. Just imagine the tonnes of paper you will be saving to the Environment.

2. You get and we assure you a higher Campaign recognition and response. The reason being the Campaign stays active at all point of time. It's just that audience has to be triggered to it, which we take it as a responsibility in our "Pay-For-Performance" Model.

3. You get to demonstrate your business pro-activeness by becoming an eco-friendly partner and thereby simultaneously create the buzz on it.

4. You create a positive impact on the environment as more trees mean more oxygen and more lung space by branding Green via Synergos; you get to be a partner for the Environment.

5. Green Branding serves as a great form of Geo-targeted advertising. It also serves as an Initiator by Higher word of mouth promotion from your best customers to their friends and acquaintances.

6. Green advertising as compared to traditional advertising modes is comparatively low, with a higher recall rate, reach and a higher conversion ratio.

7. People association and trust factor generation is very high, as We are here to see that a Constant "2-way communication process keeps happening" Around your Brand.

"Green Branding = Superior Brand Recall+ Targeted Audience+ Superior Lead Flow+ Niche Word-Of-Mouth".

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