Aeris A300 AI Makes Its First Remarkable Debut

Adelaide, Australia (PressExposure) April 03, 2012 -- Aeris A300 Ai dive computers arrived at the beginning of 2012 and they made quite good initial impressions on divers. Aeris A300 Ai is definitely more versatile than its predecessor Aeris Atmos 2 Ai, as it inherited many fundamental features from Atmos, but at the same time got new and improved functions on its own.

With its Dual Algorithm featute Aeris A300 Ai [] allows the diver choosing a liberal (DSAT) or conservative (Z+) algorithm for repetitive recreational diving. It also provides an appropriate algorithm for repetitive deep and planned deco diving and provides the ability to adjust closely to buddy's profile.

Pelagic Z+ algorithm is a great benefit for those people who involved in frequent and challenging diving conditions, divers who are overweight, and people who dive in cold water conditions or those who didn't dive for a long period of time.

"Dual Algorithm helps me to match my dive profile very closely to my buddy's, even though he has dive computer of Oceanic made" says Mike Willard, one of the divers who conducted test-dives with Aeris A300 Ai. He continues, "With possibility to set this dive computer to 4 Nitrox mixes I could perform decompression smoother than I usually did with Aeris Atmos 2 Ai, as that computer supported only 1 Nitrox mix. Integrated digital compass is a good addition to A300 Ai, especially if diver is interested in underwater navigation. But anyone who wants to use it - must first get used to it. This compass is quite different from separate underwater compass modules."

As this dive computer is air-integrated, it calculates real Air Time Remaining (ATR), thus allowing more accurate gas management. This feature calculates current depth, tank pressure, diver's breathing rate, ascent time, and decompression status, then shows to the diver exactly how much time he/she can remain underwater.

Aeris A300 Ai meets pretty well needs as for beginners and technical divers too. Comprehensive set of features allows complete beginner starting dive career with very reliable buddy and progress faster, and technical divers will find support for 4 Nitrox gas mixes with individual PO2 set points and Dual Algorithm functions to accomodate all possible situations in diving.

Reviews of this new Aeris dive computer were quite favorable, except few downsides, and some of them are high price for complete system and air integration only for one tank.

Besides these, Aeris A300 Ai received quite a warm welcome from divers, as it became a nice addition to a family of other multifunctional dive computers with technical diving in mind!

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