AeroTech Offers EFC-1 Electronic Forward Closure in Kit Form

Cedar City, UT (PressExposure) June 13, 2009 -- AeroTech is offering its EFC-1â„¢ Electronic Forward Closureâ„¢ recovery system deployment device in kit form as part no. EFC-1K at $99.90 suggested retail.

The EFC is a timer-based electronic recovery system deployment module that attaches to the forward end of any AeroTech, Dr. Rocketâ„¢ or Rouse-Techâ„¢ RMSâ„¢-29, 38 or 54mm reloadable rocket motor. It includes a reusable glow-plug ejection charge ignition system that eliminates the need for electric matches and similar one-time use devices commonly employed with other electronic deployment systems. A robust anodized aluminum housing protects the unit from mechanical shock and exposure to ejection charge residue, and an integral ejection charge holder retains up to 3 grams of black powder or other pyrotechnic ejection charge material.

AeroTech estimates a 20-30 minute assembly time for the EFC-1K. Easy to set up and use, the EFC may be programmed to deliver a time delay of one to over 6,000 seconds from motor burnout, in one-second increments.

Motor forward closures are available that securely adapt the EFC-1 to 29, 38 & 54mm RMS motor casings, including an extended version for the long-burn 54mm reloads. Part no. EFC29-4 is a forward closure that fits RMS-29/40-120 model rocket hardware ($25.00), EFC29-1 is the 29mm "high-power style" closure ($25.00), EFC38-1 is the 38mm high power and "high-power style" closure ($40.00), EFC54-1 is the standard length 54mm closure ($54.00) and EFC54-2 is the extended length 54mm closure ($70.00). As a bonus feature, all of the EFC motor closures are designed to eliminate the need for the delay o-ring and forward delay spacer, simplifying motor assembly.

Along with the EFC hardware products, AeroTech also offers an ejection charge kit 12-pack (part no. ECK-1, $6.00), which includes 12 each 1.4 gram ejection charges and 1/2" diameter vinyl caps designed to fit the EFC`s ejection charge holder.

The EFC-1K will be available from AeroTech`s dealer network and the (

An instruction and specification sheet for the EFC-1 in PDF format may be downloaded from the Resource Library on the AeroTech website at

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