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Eagle Mountain, UT (PressExposure) June 10, 2009 -- Mark Baugh has Affiliate Marketing that can reinvent how a business is built from scratch. Mark and the system's author Paul Birdsall have been helping all sorts of "regular joes" give up on the older traditional Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) businesses, or avoid the enrollment ahead of time, and convert to using the Affiliate Marketing Tools. They have been helping people implement these proven strategies in the Affiliate Marketing Tools system to earn extra income, or create a whole new career for themselves. The Affiliate Marketing Tools have three major advantages over traditional MLM type training and business opportunities.

1. Affiliate Marketing Tools Help Build Lists In any business, having a continuous stream of new prospects come to the business regularly is a requirement to be successful. Many business entrepreneurs focus so much on their business; they forget that leads are required for sales. Others, like the MLM type opportunities, implement only one method for generating leads, and that usually involves face to face recruiting of strangers. These types of methods require a certain type of person to be successful. That situation automatically, regardless of what they do, precludes many people from any real type of success in traditional MLM. The Affiliate Marketing Tools system implements a number of lead generating systems that brings a continuous stream of leads into the marketer's inbox. Daily new leads coming in, is one primary key to success required. A system for generating these leads vs. a dependence on a uniquely skilled, rare outgoing person to generate leads makes the business a business and not just a person working really hard.

2. Affiliate Marketing Tools help develop a Personal Brand Internet Marketing today is really built around a personality (even though systems were critical to generate, capture, and process leads, the personal brand is different). One reason why the whole social media has recently taken off is that people want to do business with other people. People do not want to follow, or cling on to products, or features. They want, and need leaders, and people to follow. They are looking for guidance and teaching about what to do next. Most MLM type operations don't stress the personal brand. Instead, they stress the product, and it's features, and the company. The Affiliate Marketing Tools on the other had contains systems that help build that personal brand, create a leadership aura and propel the internet marketer into the forefront. This leadership position improves not only the quantity of the leads generated; it improves the quality of those leads.

3. Generate Immediate Cash Flow Businesses need cash to stay in operation. Like many businesses, MLM opportunities require the business owner to build income over a long period of time. The recruiting required for MLM business means hard work, with very little income flowing in until the team builds up to a sizeable amount. In the meantime, the business owner is starving on the small residual income, or having to spend time selling product to supplement the recruiting efforts. The Affiliate Marketing Tools has systems that can be set up that generate income immediately, even if the leads that are flowing in are not buying. This keeps the cash flowing into the business from day 1 and allows time and effort to focus on building the business vs. just keeping the bills paid.

New opportunities appear for people who need to find new avenues of income almost every day. Many of these opportunities use the traditional MLM approach and techniques of personal selling, face to face recruiting, and hustle lead generation. The Affiliate Marketing Tools contain the primary strategies in this new day and age to develop real wealth and income for entrepreneurs, focusing on systems, automation, and the productive implementation of new technology. This has the effect of freeing up the entrepreneur to focus efforts on growing the business, as well as still having time with their family.

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