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Ny, New York (PressExposure) February 17, 2012 -- In times of recession, smart people tend to think out of the box and on their feet. And that is exactly what Debbie Speese did by making classified advertisements affordable for cash strapped Americans coast to coast. Her idea of helping people and also earning extra income in the process was triggered when the company she worked for decided to move to another state. That would have meant a loss of job which she could not afford in the hard times. To supplement her income, Debbie began looking for new business ideas off the beaten track after remembering that she had indeed made money selling online on ebay. She got the shock of her life when she learnt that there were no free classifieds after she had to shell out $20 as reserve price for the antique item she put up for sale.

In the time of recession, Debbie felt the pinch and felt it hard enough to shoot an email to the ebay people reminding them of their duty to waive fees in tough times. Even a seemingly small $20 was valuable money and people were forced to sell their stuff at lower prices on ebay and perhaps not make enough money to cover the reserve price. Her argument that companies were offering discounts in these trying times fell on deaf ears and naturally, her proposal was turned down and there were no free auctions. It was then that she decided to come out with a better product and a catchy website packaging classifieds and auctions on the same portal.

Her online auctions are catching on fast and people coast to coast are benefiting as she has an affordable plan in place. You can now see both classified and auction merchandize without having to navigate away from Debbie's easy to follow and user-friendly website.

The system is simple.

You can bid online. If you want to buy online, you need to start your search by choosing from the several options like browsing a category, quick or advanced searches and auto search notifications by email.

If you want to sell, use the fast and easy listing process to list your items. Choose a category, enter the item details and upload your photos.

The reason why it is better than ebay is that you get free classifieds for 15 days. For auctions, the first five days are free. You can also follow Debbie's website on facebook and twitter to know about special promos and offers. Classified ads have never been so affordable thanks to Debbie's path breaking idea that came about after she felt the $20 pinch. Debbie values your business and appreciates the idea that you desperately need an affordable plan to make money instead of spending more on ads than your online business venture permits.

To make her customer support more hands on, Debbie has got a contact page on her website for answering all queries or questions not answered in the help page.

For employers, she has job posting facilities with details for millions of prospective applicants to browse and fine tune their search for the right job and location. Jobs are hard to come by after the recession as hiring has not gone up. But, with the hands-on approach followed by Classified and Auctions, the task is much easier. Job seekers can benefit from resume posting like they do at the Craigslist site and get calls for interviews as there would be large numbers of hirers checking them out as well.

If you are worried about privacy and security of transactions, you will be pleased to know that Debbie offers real time protection by using encryption technology. Payment transactions are fire walled through the login portal of the service providers.

Buyers and sellers can communicate through a form on the listing page of the seller. You can reply through the website's internal messaging system where the email address will not be disclosed or the seller can respond through their external email.

To know more about how you can bid, buy, sell, post jobs and upload resumes at Classified and Auctions, Inc. and also benefit from an affordable plan, please visit, email, call 916-607-5999 or contact PO Box 980912, W. Sacramento, CA 980912.

Company's name: Classified and Auctions, Inc.
Company phone number: 916-607-5999
Author Name : Debbie Speese

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Company's name: Classified and Auctions, Inc.
Company phone number: 916-607-5999
Author Name : Debbie Speese

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