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, (PressExposure) July 03, 2008 -- After five years of development and refinements, ThoughtOfficeâ„¢ and RichContentâ„¢ have released their integrated press release / media broadcasting solution to the marketplace. ThoughtOffice PR|Proâ„¢ creates sensational headlines and can increase pick-up & republishing rates up to 100%.

"Getting your press release on the Internet is dead easy. Creating winning PR that gets read, distributed and picked up by magazines, top blogs, newspapers and major search engines is something else again" says Mark Alan Effinger, ThoughtOffice founder and CEO. "Press releases are the least expensive, most effective form of promotion ever invented... if you do it right. Do it wrong, and it can can poison your product and company. We've done both, and learned how to do it right. ThoughtOffice PR|Pro is the result."

PR|Proâ„¢ ( is a press release and public relations software solution developed as a collaboration between ThoughtOffice and RichContent. The two companies provide a cooperative perspective on the industry, and the resulting software, templates and teaching materials provide a comprehensive solution to problems large or small, for companies and individuals attempting to get their stories into the press.

"We've put many thousands of person hours into this product, and it's obvious from the front-to-back comprehensive quality of the eXpertTopics engine, and in the creative responses developed with the ThoughtOffice program," comments David Lockman, ThoughtOffice Corporation's Product Specialist. "By running your ideas through PR|Pro, the result will be a fully-developed concept with a much larger impact than you get with the simple linear process most ad agencies use... that old-fashioned type of product lacks the vibrancy, passion, and media interest that makes great PR really work for a client".

PR|Pro takes more than 1200 focused questions, and integrates them into a software application with access to over 7,691,000 words and phrases in a unique online database. By keying in a word or phrase, and exploring the resulting associations, brainstorming begins to immediately trigger new lines of thought, leading you to create memorable headlines and copy. All of the user's responses can be stored in a PR "Session" for future reference. The eXpertTopicâ„¢ Modules prompt the user with 300 to 1200 questions that focus the process & clarify critical points of the product, service, or market, helping you better refine your message and unique selling proposition - what makes you different from the rest of the crowd.

"The unique selling proposition is missing from many of the press releases we've seen," comments David McInnis, CEO of PRWeb, the Free Press Release Newswire service, and member of ThoughtOffice's Advisory Board. "We receive over 10 million page views a month, and thousands upon thousands of press releases. Overall, people are missing the key points to crafting their media product. Now that we're participating in Inktomi's trusted feed program, it's essential - absolutely critical - that a company's news release must be high quality, or they will lose credibility, reducing their chances of being republished by periodicals, web sites or newspapers. ThoughtOffice PR|Pro provides a great process for improving the quality of the end product. This can mean the difference between having your press release or media asset viewed a few thousand times or a hundred thousand times."

ThoughtOffice PR|Pro was developed in cooperation with public relations pros from eight countries; the same process used to craft popular PR programs for Trikkeâ„¢ scooters, LaserVision laser projectors, QuickyMartâ„¢ e-commerce software, TechCoastâ„¢ incubators, eAgency wireless insurance solutions, and over 500 more products and services.

The software's exclusive release is a joint venture effort by ThoughtOffice and RichContent, and supported by ExitPath. The MSRP is $299, with a limited-time special price of $147.

PR|Pro includes the ThoughtOffice Innovation Engine, coupled with several Brainstorming Plugins: the eXpertPR Module, eXpertMarketer Module, eXpertAdvertiser, eXpertEvaluator, eXpertWriter and eXpertSpeaker Modules.

Also included are sample press releases that have received international publication; a PR outline (describing the necessary ingredients for a press packet & release schedule); and a press program outline for PR professionals who can benefit from a presentation template.

ThoughtOffice Corporation is an ExitPath company, and their guaranteed innovation software products can be seen and ordered on the Internet at

About RichContent RichContent is a leading SEO & online media broadcast / placement service. Founded in 2006 by Mark Alan Effinger, the company offers media asset creation & broadcast services that allow clients to leverage their media assets for long-tail visibility in the Internet marketplace, thus permanently improving search engine results. The company can be reached at

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ExitPath is a technology and product development, PR & marketing company headquartered in the Portland, OR area.

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