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Noida, Uttar Pradesh India (PressExposure) November 29, 2007 -- SSLGenie (SSL Certification Authority) is a leading Internet security expert providing E-commerce Security Solutions. It has a unique "Custom SSL" feature where you can choose the exact level of security you need. SSLGenie offers better value for money than comparable providers or services.

SSLGenie showcases mainly 2 packages: A simple and standard domain validated certificate which is for people who want a Quick one, and a premium one more someone who wants to secure high value transactions. Flash SSLGenie refers to the low assurance certificates and is the most Cost effective solution to secure your customer transactions starting at only $14.95 for 1 year with a limited warranty. These are domain validated Certificates and are issued instantly. You can also buy a domain validated Certificate for securing your sub domains by choosing the Wildcard option.

If you have high value transactions and looking for a high assurance web server certificate then you should go for Premium SSLGenie for Enterprises. Premium SSLGenie is the full business validated certificate, with 4-step authentication and verification process that verifies the domain name and company legitimacy. With an SSLGenie Premium Certificate, you can define your own warranty starting from $1000 - $100,000. Premium SSLGenie comes with a free Site Seal i.e. Website identity authentication and instant proof to our customers that your website can be trusted. You can get all this and much more in just $39.95 for 1 year... that is the cheapest pricing world wide so far.

Now the next question that comes into limelight is... what makes SSLGenie different from its competition?

To start with, SSLGenie Certificates are very affordable, SSLGenie Certificates are guaranteed to be the most cost effective SSL certificates available today. SSLGenie offers Web server Certificates starting at only $14.95 per year.

The assumption that a more expensive certificate may be better is not usually the case. The underlying technology is just the same for all certificates whether you buy it from Verisign or SSLGenie. Why spend the extra money if you can get the same technology for less than half the cost?

Secondly, SSLGenie seems to be the only SSL Provider with Custom Pricing Option - You pay only for what you choose to buy. The customers don't have to pay for a single extra feature. This makes SSLGenie a "value for money" product. SSLGenie believes that each individual or organization has its own security requirement. Someone might need just a basic certificate with not much warranty and other options, whereas someone who has an ecommerce website with high value transactions might need higher levels of security. So in order to cater to all audience SSLGenie is offering custom pricing and packaging where the customers can create their SSL Certificate based on their requirement.

Finally, SSLGenie is one of the most trusted CAs on the Internet - MindGenies has gone through the strict processes to get accredited as an SSL Certification authority. SSLGenie Certification Authority is represented in most browsers and has very strict validation guidelines. There are very few Certification Authorities in the world.

If you have an ecommerce website and you want to safeguard your customer transactions SSLGenie is what you need. Running a successful online business requires that your customers trust that your business effectively protects their sensitive information from intrusion and tampering. SSL Certificates help you gain competitive advantage by appearing more trusted and more legitimate. Having an SSL Certificate on your website can provide assurance to your customers that their data cannot be tampered with or forged and ensure that your customer's sensitive data is transmitted securely.

So if you want to make your website customers happy and safe, get an SSLGenie Now!

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