African Inventor Designs New Crankshaft Substitute Technology

Brandon, Florida (PressExposure) November 22, 2012 -- African inventor and author of a scifi novel titled 27th Century Fiasco, Akintunde M Lawal, has invented a new type of crown gear technology which can function as the main working part of a yet-to-be re-invented internal combustion engine.

Consequently, the inventor has been granted utility patent number GM/P/2012/00003 in this regard by the Gambia Intellectual Property Office, West Africa.

Gears are rotatable mechanical devices with cut teeth. They are usually meshed with other toothed devices to transmit and translate motion but are not inner working parts of conventional internal combustion engines that are driven by pistons and crankshaft.

Internal combustion engines are driven by crankshaft made by intricate metallurgy, the crank is connected to series of pistons that are linearly arranged. This design creates heavy machines that occupy much space.

Devices developed based on the new crown shaft invention can function as a crankshaft substitute that allows pistons to have a radial arrangement within internal combustion engines rather than the linear piston design in conventional engines. Hence all conventional Internal combustion engines that use crankshaft drive-mechanisms would likely be re-invented in the nearest future.

In addition to making new types of plain crown gears, a new line of magnetic crown gears can also be manufactured.

Manufacture and marketing of automotive products is capital intensive and requires sound engineering. Therefore, the inventor of this device is very keen at networking with interested institutions, automotive manufacturers/engineeers and investors to fast-track his dream of introducing this lines of products into the marketplace.

It is obvious that the inventor cannot disclose details of this invention until various worldwide utility patent rights have been filed for this devices. When compared to conventional internal combustion engines based on crankshaft drive, the new crown gear technology would offer better engine room space management, smoother motion transformation and less rigor of complex metallurgy because of its simpler design.

Interested investors and venture capitalists in the automotive industry can contact him for further details. Investors have a guarantee of introducing new product lines into the automotive market.

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