African Mango Comes to Australia - The Amazing Health Benefits of This 'Miracle Pill'

Melbourne, Australia (PressExposure) December 17, 2011 -- Irvingia Gabonensis otherwise commonly known as African Mango is usually found in its extracted form rather than as an actual fruit. It is a miracle of nature that possesses many unique health and weight loss benefits. An indigenous fruit that grows in the rainforests of West Africa, in looks and taste, the African Mango is a lot similar to the mango we are all used to but when it comes to the health benefits of the African Mango, the extract of the African Mango seed is a natural stimulant and appetite suppressor.

Up until recently, the African Mango was pretty unheard of being mostly used as a staple food in many tribes in the Western part of Africa but after Dr. Oz experimented and documented the effects of the then humble African Mango as a weight loss supplement, African Mango became perhaps one of the most sought after fruit in the whole wide world. Recently, from the United States, African Mango has been introduced in Australia and for your weight loss needs, African Mango Australia is now available for ordering.

Can African Mango Help Cure Obesity?

Increasingly, obesity is becoming a serious problem worldwide and as we all know, obesity and most of the dietary health issues we hear of these days are mostly associated with the increasingly unhealthy lifestyle of many populations across the world. Can African Mango save the world?

If truth were told, perhaps saving the world is not Dr.Oz's responsibility but he has sure shown us all the path to a healthier lifestyle and more voluptuous body. Research as far as African Mango is concerned have all yielded really positive and promising results. Many experts agree that the weight loss properties of the African Mango seed extract can go a long way in helping people manage their weight loss when coupled with a healthy diet and some form of regular physical activity.

Of the many health risks associated with being overweight or obese, it should be noted that cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, cancer and high blood pressure are killing millions of people worldwide every year.

The health benefits to Australians of African Mango

1. Appetite suppression

Based on the clinical trials on the effects of the African Mango weight loss supplement as sold by African Mango Australia, researchers agree that Irvingia Gabonensis can naturally suppress appetite by holding food in the stomach for a longer period of time.

2. Enhanced fat burning

Irvingia gabonensis speeds up the metabolism thereby encouraging the burning of the extra fat deposits in the difficult areas of the body.

3. The products from African Mango Australia boost adiponectin regulation

Adiponectin is a natural hormone in the human body, which regulates blood sugar level and insulin production. Research proved that extract derived from the African Mango seed can boost the production and regulation of adiponectin.

4. Detoxification

African Mango cleanses the body of dangerous substances playing a pretty significant role helping the body get rid of its excess fat deposits.

5. Cholesterol reduction

LDL cholesterol is bad, we are all aware of this. African Mango has been evidenced to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol raising the levels of the beneficial HDL cholesterol.

About African Mango Australia

African Mango Australia is a Melbourne based company dedicated to bringing African Mango Extract to Australia

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