Agency Director,Michael DeMarco of MAX Agency Is Pleased To Announce "Boom In Auditions & Assignments For Models, Actors Toronto"

, Canada (PressExposure) July 17, 2008 -- MAX Agency is pleased to announce a significant boom in auditions for MAX Agency talent stated Michael DeMarco. Print ads, feature films and commercials. Many of MAX Agency’s freshest talent have been called for auditions and go-sees this week. “Nothing brings us more pleasure than to communicate with new talent regarding immediate opportunities,” says Carolina Gonzaga, Senior Booking Agent. Despite a significant increase in audition activity, two of MAX Agency's talents were released for issues regarding auditions. In an industry as competitive as the model and acting industry, it is inevitable that some talent find their number of auditions/bookings to be unsatisfactory. The submission process is as such: The booking department submits suitable talent for possible auditions. The booking department will be notified if the casting house is interested in the talent and they will be scheduled for an audition. From this audition, the hope is that it turns into a booking. Indeed, it is exciting when talent receive notification of an audition. Individuals who peak the interest of casting houses need to maximize on these opportunities. "It is both unprofessional and disappointing when talent fail to show up, as these incidences may hinder MAX Agency and MAX Agency talent’s relationship with casting houses" stated MAX Agency's Agency Director, Michael DeMarco.

MAX Agency would like to provide a few key tips to nail an audition: Once you have received notification of an audition/go-see please make sure you make note of key information: location, time, proper attire and any materials that you may need to learn. Please make sure you arrive 10 minutes early for your call time. Give yourself plenty of travel time, as traffic can be unpredictable. Before you arrive, find a restroom and quickly look over your appearance. You should look polished. The little things can go a long way, meaning: check to make sure nothing is in your teeth, your mouth and nose are clean. Wash your hands, brush your teeth and don’t forget to spit out any gum before entering the audition venue. When you have arrived, they will likely ask you to fill out an information sheet. Have your comp card and portfolio book ready. When your turn comes, be receptive to how they instruct you and be confident. Speak clearly. The casting assistant and/or director may ask you to slate. This means you introduce yourself and who you are represented by. “Hello. I am Carolina Gonzaga and I am represented by MAX Agency.” Please advise that they may film you or take a photograph of you.

MAX Agency and Michael DeMarco would like to give congratulations to the following talents for the auditions and best of luck!

•Seth M and Adam C for the role of Spencer in Dino Dan. •Norman G for Amex. •Josh W and Georgina V for Durex. •Frank O for the role of Neighbor in Mr. Wulf. •Robert B and Michael J for Mr. Wulf in Mr. Wulf. •Mark G, Jamie M and Allen L for Canada Goose. •Barb F for Project Dente

To all others who have been to auditions and go sees this week and last, keep up the good work and remember to always be courteous and professional.

NOTE If we don't have your proper contact information, we will not be able to contact you for upcoming auditions and casting opportunities! Kindly update us with any new or revised contact information, as well as your ongoing availability TOP SUBMISSION BREAKDOWNS **Project Dente MAX Agency Talent Barb F Woman – SOC Late 40s to early 60s. Very attractive & Western European, outgoing, elegant and in very good shape. Filming will take place in Prague.

**Durex MAX Agency Talent Adrian G, D’Mitri M, Derek W, Elia T, Josh W, Mark G, Mike M, Tom D Male 22-27 – not too teen looking. Ethnicity open, but not the focus **Durex MAX Agency Talent Alex H, Amanda M, Georgina , Gyana G, Irina P, Mariana A, Vanessa D Female 20-28 – Ethnicity is open, but not the focus MuchMusic Video Awards 2009 Spot MAX Agency Talent Dann M, Derek W, Elia T, Tom D, Jason L Male MMVA Contest winner and his best friend 19 year old ID required Amanda M, Angeleta B, Chresta B, Irina P, Rachel T, Shamariah K, Stacey D MMVA context winner and her best friend 19 Year old ID required **MuchMusic Video Awards Super Fan Pepsi Promo MAX Agency Talent Christof G, Eric I, Josh W, Mitchell M, Nathan R, Vincenzo F Male Caucasian. Age Range 17-21, Clean cut, boy next door look – Preppie. **Enmotion

MAX Agency Talent Brandon R, D’Mitri M, Frank O, James P, Jamie M, Jordan E, Marcin P, Mark M, Philip B, Scott P, Sean M 30-45 Years of age, clean cut, average body type **INKAS armored Cars MAX Agency Talent Georgina, Vanessa D, Alex H, Irina P Armored Car Photo Shoot. Girl will be posing on an armored vehicle. Going for a James Bond/Charlie’s angels look. Girl will wear bikini, but will be 100% tasteful. **Project Magnetisim MAX Agency Talent Elena D, Gyana G, Janine T, Lisette P, Renea K, Shirley N Age Range Mid-30s. Wholesome and naturally pretty. Intelligent women with busy lives and families and real concerns. Casting two women. Women will contrast one another. One will be more introverted and reserved, the other outgoing and vibrant **Project Magnetism MAX Agency Talent Brandon R, Frank O, Ryan K, Serge M, Jamie M Age Range Late 30s. Attractive masculine quality like high jackman, well groomed, preferably tall. Principal. Press Release Distribution By PressReleasePoint

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