Agency Director, Michael DeMarco of MAX Agency Says MAX Opens up Casting Call to Talent's Parents and Talent and Their Spouses

Toronto, Canada (PressExposure) July 18, 2008 -- Marriage that lasts? Indeed something to celebrate and spotlight! MAX Agency opens up this casting call to talent’s parents and talent and their spouses. A popular reality show, airing all over North America, seeks couples who have been married for over 10 years. The reality show, going on it’s fourth season, will be featuring interviews with these couples throughout the season. Questions run along the lines of: How did you meet? How did he/she propose? How was your wedding experience? The quirkier and the funnier, the better.

A five minute phone interview will be required before any bookings and/or auditions. Please email if you’d be interested in taking part. I will consider anyone interested and pass the more suitable candidates onto the casting director.

Agency Director, Michael DeMarco and MAX Agency thanks Inderpal W, Barbara F and Christobel N for stepping up to take part!

AUDITIONS AND GO-SEE’S FOR MAX AGENCY •D’Mitri M, Sacha and Dillon B for The Bay fashion show. •Jordan E. and Amanda M for Project Allied Network. •Elia T, Jason L, Amanda M and Angeleta B for Much Music Video Awards Promo. •Hailey Spero for Dino Dan, the part of Zoe. •Colette L for an episode in The Border. •Godfrey C, Robert F, Tony T, Ho T and Ryan K for TD Bank. •Thanks to Tammy M, Sheena R and Mara T for joining the North 51 promo team. •Paul S, Bruno C, Luke H, Ben P and Ibraham for Keys to the VIP.


Project and Talent

**Ritz Crackers

Little Boys and Little Girls Ages 6-8: Unique and unconventionally cute kids. Quirky and loveable MAX Agency Talent:

Adam C, Aleeza L, Audrey T, Denzel G, Hailey S, Kyle W, Shawn T, Jalen M, Sydney R OLG Instant Crossword

**OLG Instant Cross Word

Hero Guy: Age Range 28-30s A regular guy, works in a large office and has great comic timing. More of the straight edged guy of the duo.

MAX Agency Talent: Jordan E, Randi A, Sean S, Tony T, Robert F, Kevin C, Scott P, Paul K

Guy 2: Age Range 28-30s A little more of a character. He comes to the rescue or he thinks he does. Great comic timing.

MAX Agency Talent: Attilio R, Peter C

**Massari Video

Super extraordinary beautiful. White/Persian/Arabian type.

Max Agency Talent:

Alex H, Irina P, Diae B

** McDonald’s Lemonade Stand

PRINCIPAL MOM: Youthful, appears educated and smart.

Kathryn M, Kathryn K, Kelly G, Lisette P, Tina K

PRINCIPAL MALE 8-10 He can be a bit scruffy and even floppy. Should display a quirky personality

Andrew H, Noah L, Haissam, Hunter D

SOC RUPERT 3-4 He is a real scamp…a “going concern” He doesn’t like to be tied down

Dominick S, Matthew A, Jacob S, Aden D, AJ M, Aiden D, Evan S, Tyler W


Caucasian Blond Age Range 20-30 Model

Coral D, Irina P, Stephanie C, Nicole B

Caucasian Brunette Age Range 20-30 Model

MAX Agency Talent:

Alex H, Burcu E, Georgina, Jashke K, Melissa K, Nicole C

**Rogers PhotoShoot

MAX Agency Talent:

Girl: Caucasian 9 years

Abby M, Kelsey M, Rachel T

Boy: Caucasian 15 years

Christopher, Grayson T, Vince T, Nicholas C

**Project Enforcer

Principal Guy: Age Range 20-45 He is very big, scary and should be able to look tough.

MAX Agency Talent:

Ayat K, Allen L, Anthony W P

**West 49 Back To School

2 Girls, Age 16-19, Size specific submission

MAX Agency Talent:

Jessica A, Nicole C, Brittney C, Tarah G, Jashke, Kristina M, Amber R, Stephanie S

Guy, Age 16-19, Size specific submission Skater/Surfer Look

MAX Agency Talent:

Kevin G, Steven A, Franco L

Guy, Age 16-19, Size specific submission Skater/Rocker Look

MAX Agency Talent:

James A, Vincenzo F, Sam L, Josh W, Paul S, Thomas S

Guy Age 12-15, Size specific submission

MAX Agency Talent:

Nicholas C, Jemal C, Christopher F, Miguel K and Joaquim M Thirteen and a Half

**Thirteen And A Half

Females around 13 Years of age: None speaking role this role requires movement, skilled dancing an asset

MAX Agency Talent:

Emily K, Diane O M, Keara P, Leandra P, Candace S

**Polaroid Pogo

Age Range, Senior High school Students: Male and Female – Cool Kids

MAX Agency Talent:

Alex H, Alexandra P, Amber R, Burcu E, Christine P, Colette L, Connie L, Erika H, Jessica A, Jessica F, Kristina M, Kristy C, Laryssa H, Moyra B, Nicole C, Nicole L and Ola K

Elia T, Franco L, Jason L, Kevin G, Matthew M, Paul S

On Behalf of MAX Agency, Michael DeMarco would like to send out congrats to all of our Talent. Good Luck!

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