Aging is for the Old - Renowned Fitness Expert Tells How to Stay Young

Sydney, Australia (PressExposure) May 01, 2011 -- Aging is one of the most dreaded aspects of human life. Human race continues its pursuit of the secret to everlasting youth. While the concept of everlasting youth may or may not be a success, for now there are some techniques that can delay one's aging process and the associated concerns. Sydney's leading weight loss and boot camp trainer Dan Clay shares some exciting information for all those that want to be young.

Besides being a renowned fitness expert, Dan Clay owns and runs Dangerously Fit, a boot camp fitness program that has been helping many people in Sydney lead a healthy and fulfilling life, for the past nine years. Dan and his team of diet experts and qualified fitness instructors continue to help people overcome many fitness challenges including overweight, decreased energy levels and poor fitness levels. People can lose weight fast, tone their stomach and body, and achieve a feeling of general well-being with Dangerously Fit boot camp program, promises Dan.

Sharing his tips on healthy aging, Clay says positive lifestyle changes such as good physical habits and a positive outlook toward life can help overcome the fear of aging and its associated illnesses. As one ages, the physical ability to perform daily life activities decreases; lifestyle changes can help overcome this loss. Practice non-smoking and abstinence from drinking, suggests the ace boot camp trainer. Maintain weight proportionate to age. Regular exercise, including aerobic activities and strength training workouts are essential, stresses Clay.

Don't give up on hobbies and interests, advises the boot camp trainer. Practice them with full enthusiasm as they serve as outlets for stress as well as honing one's intellectual faculties continuously. Hobbies such as dancing and club activities give an opportunity to socialize, which is important as one ages. Clay also recommends participation in adult education activities as they serve to keep the brain active with challenges. Spend more time with family and friends as this contributes to a general feeling of well-being and goodness.

Financial security for the future is a major concern that haunts people as they age, which in turn can affect health. Plan early for the future to overcome this challenge. Take insurance, make wise investments and save, to secure a financially-stable future, Clay suggests.

Guidance of expert healthcare professionals is crucial, points out the boot camp specialist. It is important to go for regular health checkups and have a heart-to-heart talk with one's family physicians regarding health goals.

About Dangerously Fit

Dangerously Fit boot camp program is designed to offer such long-term health benefits rather overnight success, says Clay. This boot camp program trains participants in both aerobic and endurance-building workouts. Classes are affordable, costing only a fraction of regular gym memberships and traditional personal training programs, points out Clay. Simple equipment such as sandbags, dumbbells and kettlebells are used for training. Exercise sessions are carried outdoors in a park or beach, amidst natural air and surroundings. For more information on Dan Clay and his fitness boot camp, visit

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