Agricultural Commodity Sector Heating up in Canada, Says Top Financial Web Site Penny Stock Detectives

New York, New York (PressExposure) March 26, 2012 -- Sasha Cekerevac, co-editor for Penny Stock Detectives, believes that with the continued uncertainty of the U.S. debt growing every year, many investors are worried about their investments. This is especially true if the U.S. dollar were to continue to decline, as your assets would be worth a lot less in the future. In a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, Cekerevac argues that the Canadian dollar offers compelling value and is home to companies in the hottest market sector going forward: agricultural commodities.

Cekerevac notes that, even while other commodities have recently fallen in price, agricultural commodities continued their strong performance. China continues to buy agricultural commodities at a record pace, pushing up corporate earnings of those firms in that sector. But a smart investor shouldn't have all of their eggs in one basket, according to Cekerevac, who recommends protecting some of your portfolio even within the agricultural commodities sector by investing in penny stocks in a country like Canada.

"Canada is a major producer of agricultural commodities. There are some very interesting penny stocks within the sector," Cekerevac says, "that trade on the Canadian market that help U.S. farmers grow more agricultural commodities. The recent news that trading giant Glencore International is on the hunt to buy Viterra showcases exactly the type of long-term investment you want to see in an industry like agricultural commodities."

According to Cekerevac, if Glencore, which has the reputation of being one of the best trading firms on the planet, sees this much growth potential in agricultural commodities, then we should sit up and pay attention.

Fertilizer is used in growing agricultural commodities to increase the yield, or production, per acre of land. One of the biggest ingredients in fertilizer is potash.

Another company mentioned in Cekerevac's article is Encanto Potash, a very early-stage exploration firm looking for potash in Saskatchewan, Canada. The company has five southeastern Saskatchewan prospects in which it is actively looking for potash. We've seen the price move up substantially from the lows of last year, which is a bullish sign, according to Cekerevac. This means that there buyers who are very interested in this name, which warrants further investigation.

As agricultural commodities continue to be driven by demand, Cekerevac would suggest looking at diversifying your investments to outside of the U.S. dollar and in penny stocks that offer substantial upside potential over the next decade. Follow the big money, recommends Cekerevac; if they're buying firms in agricultural commodities, then it's certainly worth a look.

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