Alcoholics Anonymous And The 12 Step Program

Essex, CA (PressExposure) June 03, 2009 -- There are many kinds of alcohol rehab center across the US today. There is one that grew because of their dedication to help people fight their addiction to alcohol through 12 simple steps. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a worldwide fellowship of men and women who share a desire to stop drinking alcohol. AA suggests members completely abstain from alcohol, regularly attend meetings with other members, and follow its program to help each other with their common purpose which is to help members "stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety."

AA created the twelve-step program used by similar recovery alcohol rehab center; other kinds of rehabs like Al-Anon, an auxiliary group for friends and family members of alcoholics; and Narcotics Anonymous, a group for substance abusers who do not identify as alcoholics. So what is the 12 Step Program?

The 12 Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous

According to the American Psychological Association, the 12 step program process involves the following:

* Admitting that one cannot control one's addiction or compulsion;

* Recognizing a greater power that can give strength;

* Examining past errors with the help of a sponsor (experienced member);

* Making amends for these errors;

* Learning to live a new life with a new code of behavior;

* Helping others that suffer from the same addictions or compulsions.

The scope of AA's program is much broader than just changing drinking behavior. AA process encourages the transformation of the alcoholic's character, producing a "personality change sufficient to recover from alcoholism" while abstaining from alcohol, one day at a time. The personality change is believed to be brought about by means of a spiritual awakening achieved from following the Twelve Steps, helping with duties and service work in AA, and regular AA meeting attendance or contact with AA members.

AA's program is an inheritor of Counter-Enlightenment philosophy. AA and any other alcohol rehab center that follow its steps shares the view that acceptance of one's inherent limitations is critical to finding one's proper place among other humans and God. Such ideas are described as "Counter-Enlightenment" because they are at variance with the Enlightenment's ideal that humans have the capacity to make their lives and societies a heaven on earth using their own power and reason.

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