Alex Ledgister Says That CarbonCopyPRO Marketing Event Biggest Ever

Dickinson, TX (PressExposure) April 13, 2009 -- NV--Alex Ledgister, a Wealth Masters International (WMI) financial consultant and member of CarbonCopyPRO, reported that the CarbonCopyPRO Marketing Event, which recently concluded at Harvey's Lake Tahoe hotel, was the biggest such event on record, with more than 500 participating members. "The last event, held in Dallas last October, drew just under 300 people," Ledgister said. "These things are growing like wildfire and for good reason--there is simply no better way for a WMI consultant to grow their business quickly, and to achieve millionaire status."

The CarbonCopyPRO event brought together the best marketing trainers in the world to teach attendees what it really takes to become millionaires in direct sales. According to company co-founder Jay Kubassek, the event is where the industry leaders of today are recognized and the leaders of tomorrow are born. "The best thing about the marketing event is that it is totally hands on," said Ledgister. "This isn't a classroom kind of thing. What you have is a group of self made millionaires teaching people who want to follow in their footsteps, exactly how to do that. It's really a unique--and effective--forum."

CarbonCopyPRO, the marketing arm of WMI, was founded by internet marketing legend and dynamically successful online entrepreneur Jay Kubassek to automate the lead generation process for WMI consultants. The firm handles back office tasks such as website development and management, copywriting and content development, publicity and public relations, as well as call center operations, thereby freeing the consultant to focus on other, higher value activities such as building relationships and closing sales. The resulting stream of high quality, qualified leads helps WMI consultants to jump start their business and to realize explosive growth over time.

According to Ledgister, one of the biggest hurdles in becoming a millionaire is in believing that you can do it. The CarbonCopyPRO Marketing Event shatters those negative beliefs by showcasing people who have done just that and having them tell their stories of how they did it. "In the quest for wealth," Ledgister said, "fear is the silent killer. The Marketing Event gets rid of the fear and replaces it with action, because people hear first hand not only what to do, but how to do it."

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