All America Auto Transport Release Precautions for Auto Transport Scams

, (PressExposure) April 27, 2009 -- How to be familiar with This Scam :

Seller is often situated abroad.

Seller avers to utilize a reliable, trustworthy and dependable auto transport company, which has a professional looking web site.

Seller wants you to pay by any other money transfer company.

How does it Work :

The scammer sets an ad with an item for sale for a bargain price.

When you speak or make contacts or send a mail to the seller he advises using a 'safe' auto transport company. Often the goods are located abroad.

He recommends that you pay using some other money transfer company.

He mail, post or sends you a tracking number to prove that he has transported the vehicles. There is also an authentic looking web site where you can look up the tracking number. This web site is run by the scammer with the single purpose to make you trust that he has actually transported vehicles.

You make the payment of money through other money transfer company, and mail, post, transfer or send the information to the transport company (which is in fact the scammer).

The scammer gets hold of your money, and you by no means see the money again.

How to Avoid Auto Transport Scams :

Steps to avoid the current auto transport scams and to find a reliable, consistent, trustworthy and dependable auto transport company for your car shipping needs. There are some very vital steps to capture to shun the current auto transport scams that are taking place. Loads of people are yielding into the same trap and realized it was essential to emphasize what steps to take to evade becoming another statistic. People should do their homework and should take a little time and look into the company they are about to trust with their car. People very often call or contact four to five companies and opt the company who is providing services with the "cheapest rate" and never look into why they are cheap. These 'great rates' frequently need a prepaid deposit, which for many, is where the scam begins. The company claims the deposit under the fake charade of "withholding space on a truck". In certainty, they hold the money and search for a car carrier to take the car, occasionally without result. In several cases, they are not able to hit upon an auto transport company ready to transport the car at the rate they quoted and sadly, $150 or $200 deposit is rarely returned.

The best ways to avoid this type of scam is checking an established and unbiased website such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). ( Searching each company on the BBB will ensure your car transport is as smooth as possible. It hardly takes 5 minutes to check that the company has obtained 150 complaints in the last 36 months. There are some unexpectedly awful companies with "F" ratings and hundreds of complaints on the BBB. There are websites that are formed and uphold by auto transport companies themselves. This company has tons of wonderful reviews on this site and while several of those reviews may be true, anyone can write them and there is no way to verify what is legitimate. All American Auto Transport, has a large & wider network of professional auto transporters to ensure a quick and smooth transport. For more information visit Customer Satisfaction is our satisfaction.

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