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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) June 30, 2009 -- Something old… something new… something borrowed… something blue.

Weddings are part of tradition and cultures around the world. Incidentally, weddings hold into their conduct many traditions and culture. Superstitious beliefs have been founded over so many wedding ceremonies. Something old refers to the bond with the bride’s family and the past. This is usually represented by the bride’s wearing of her mother or grandmother’s treasured piece of jewelry. Something new is about good fortune and success which is embodied in the wedding gown itself. Something borrowed, on the other hand, is a token for the bride to remember that there are people around her who are ready to give her a hand in times of trouble. Lastly, something blue stands for faithfulness, loyalty and purity.

Weddings have been characterized by tradition with beliefs and norms for which couples follow in their desire to make their marriage last. One important thing that a bride and a groom never miss to have during their wedding day are their wedding rings. Wedding rings are usually made out of gold and platinum. Because of their “noble” history, gold and platinum has been rising in value and that ordinary couples couldn’t afford to have a pair of rings made out of these materials. Aside from that, these elements are too soft, malleable and ductile; they easily change in shape as time goes by.

Today, weddings are especially ornamented by a tungsten wedding rings. Brides and grooms opt for tungsten to be the main material for their rings since this element can retain its shape in extreme coldness and hotness. Symbolizing undying love and loyalty, a tungsten wedding rings are ideal to embody all that the couple treasures inside their hearts. These tungsten wedding rings can represent the good times and bad times all throughout the couple’s marriage. Moreover, a ring made out of tungsten is equally presentable and shiny as the rings made out of gold and platinum.

Love and tradition are both pictures of a perfect wedding. May you treasure your memories of marriage through a tungsten wedding rings that endures marriage trials and hardships.

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