Allergens Captured by New Battery-Powered Hat

Frederick, Maryland (PressExposure) May 09, 2007 -- It is allergy season everywhere, outdoors and indoors. Many people are sensitive to pollen, grass, hay, weeds, air pollution, dust, molds, mildew, dogs, cats and dander. Allergies can cause a person real misery this time of year. Peke Safety Inc. introduces a new solution for removing airborne particles before you breathe them in. The new battery-powered PowerCap from Peke Safety Inc. of Frederick, MD. PowerCap is just like a baseball cap with a tiny blower mounted on the brim. A small battery powers the blower, which pulls air through two hepa filters and pumps the purified air down across the wearer's face behind a clear face screen. The high efficiency filtration system removes most particulate allergens and air pollution, such as pollen, grass, dusts, dander and other particles that are found inside and outside the home.

Stanley I. Wolf M.D. a medical allergist of Bethesda, Maryland explains why people may experience immediate benefits. "The high efficiency filters are removing the allergens," he says, "and so people are breathing cleaner air." Dr. Wolf says that there is a place for filtering devices. "I particularly like the PowerCap because it is battery-powered and delivers a positive flow of filtered air. This is much better than a cup-filter mask, which depends on the wearer breathing hard through the filter. I don't want to force someone who is sensitive to air pollution to breathe harder in order to breathe better," says Dr. Wolf. In addition, says the doctor, many people have difficulty wearing a regular passive mask because the masks may not fit well and people get hot inside the masks. PowerCap, he notes, provides good protection from allergens and requires no extra effort on the part of the wearer. "PowerCap can be worn for hours on end," says Dr. Wolf. "That is a real benefit for someone who is outside on a high alert day, for example when the ragweed or pollen count is high. Or for someone who wants to enjoy the outside but is being kept indoors by the amount of allergens in the air outside"

PowerCap, of course, is suitable for both indoor use and outdoor use. PowerCap can be used with replaceable flashlight batteries, providing over twenty hours of continuous use on four C batteries. Another version uses rechargeable batteries that are so light they are mounted on the side of the hat.

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