Allergy Solutions Inc Introduces Allergen Mattress Encasement

Boothwyn, PA (PressExposure) January 12, 2010 -- Pennsylvania based Allergy Solutions Inc today introduced their new patented allergen mattress encasement. With a history of previous success in the manufacture and sale of allergy bedding, Allergy Solutions Inc expects the new product to be in great demand. With covers already available for pillows and box springs, this new mattress cover completes the set and provides total protection against dust mites, pollen, molds, and pet dander.

"What we are offering is not a new product but a new design of an old product made from a new material," said a company spokesperson. "The new mattress encasements are made from 100% Cotton Complete, a material that is as soft and breathable as standard cotton but more tightly woven so it protects from allergens. We also have pillow and box spring covers available in the same material."

Cotton Complete has an average pore size of 1.5 microns and has been tested against bed bugs, dust mites, dust mite body parts and feces, cat dander, pollen, dust and mold. It has passed each test with flying colors and, unlike most allergen mattress covers, allows for better breathability and release of perspiration while sleeping. Most other mattress covers don't allow for the body to breathe.

"Our goal when we developed this new mattress cover was to create a product that was both comfortable and effective," said our spokesperson. "By weaving the cotton tighter we have created a cover that is soft to the touch but strong enough to keep out dust mites and bed bugs. There's no reason to have to sacrifice a good nights sleep to protect yourself from the persistent discomfort of allergic reactions."

Dust mites are the second most common reason for allergic reactions, surpassed only by pollen. Dust mite feces, which contain protein, when inhaled or contacted by the skin can cause itching, watery eyes, asthma, hay fever, red rashes, headaches, or chronic fatigue. Allergen mattress and pillow covers are recommended as the most effective way to prevent dust mites. In addition to the cover it is also suggested that you wash bed linens at least once a week.

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