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Miami, Florida (PressExposure) April 11, 2011 --, launched in Miami, is a Travel Destination Site with 8 Unique Exotic Destinations: Spain, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Mexico, Indonesia, Ecuador (multi adventure), Peru, Philippines and Africa where the perception of each country, each place, is intimate and private. mission, philosophy and objectives is focused on providing not only a pleasure trip travel vacation. They offer an experience, a new way to embrace yourself, evolve in each of its destinations. gives you the opportunity to live every moment in a private and intimate way, to get to know every culture, every place as if it belonged to you, as native as guardian and resident. We give you the opportunity to grow with each experience, to make every trip memorable, unique, unforgettable.

Allexpeditions provides environmental awareness solutions and tips while traveling to certain protected destinations through newsletters, blog articles and other related news.

Each destination that AllExpeditions offers, have different cultures, different landscapes, different colors, flavors, sounds and therefore will offer a different experience.

Comfort and privacy are important to us, each destination offers the opportunity to travel with confidence, considering individual privacy, activities, tastes and choices everyone can make as alternatives, as viable and ensure travel within an intimate, secure and private environment.

Each environment is considered, designed to keep yourself happy doing whatever you like without missing the opportunity to perceive what is around you; what to see, feel and live.

"We believe in the opportunity to merge with people from all our destinations, the possibilities offered by traveling to learn more about others, to contribute more in the lives of others, to grow as human beings, to tolerate and to offer a different perspective to our lives", says Isabel Portilla (Isa Portilla) CEO of and Managing Director who has been in the travel industry for more than 10 years as an Interactive Marketer specialized in Travel and Tourism. She is also grandaughter of †Luis Eduardo Proano who became a pioneer for Travel and Tourism to The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador itself, Founder of Metropolitan Touring, founded in 1953.

"Flavor for adventure, splendor and sophistication, historic journeys, scenes,, places and destinations are designed to learn, to udnerstand on the differences and similarities of each destination. Being the same or different is what makes "travel" an experience of a lifetime, keeping your mind open".

About AllExpeditions

AllExpeditions is not only composed of a group of people, consists of a group of individuals who despite their age, distance, education, years, experiences and life... come together as travelers, professionals who have been in contact with the world, who have always been alive, curious explorers, treasure hunters, lovers of exotic and distant places all with experiences that can NOT only be lived through trips and travels but through the perception of getting into other cultures, plunge between landscapes, people, sounds, colors, feelings and senses. This Team called is now here for you.

For more information about Allexpeditions, please visit, or:
Contact: Isabel Portilla (Isa Portilla)
139 NE 1st Street, Miami - Florida 33132
Phone: 305.5770035

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