Amazing New Technology Prevents Shark Attacks - Swimming is Safe Again

Oxnard, California (PressExposure) September 09, 2009 -- Over the last decade shark attacks have been on the rise. Last year, the Pacific Coast saw an increase in the number of shark attacks along popular beaches. Paul Lunn, Cofounder of Shark Shield has the solution. His Australian-based company manufactures a unique range of electronic shark deterrents and now they're bringing their proven protection to the United States.

How's it work? Sharks use their Ampullae of Lorenzini sense, which measures the electrical output of their prey, to home in for attack. This sense allows the shark to protect its vulnerable eyes during attack mode. The Shark Shield emits a unique electrical waveform that enters the sense receptors on an approaching sharks snout. This causes great discomfort to the shark, preventing an attack. It does no long-term affect to the shark and doesn't distress other marine creatures.

"The incredible fact about this technology is that the larger the shark and more aggressive it is, the easier it is to deter them," Lunn explains, "We have no problems deterring an 18 foot Great White--even at full charge.

More than 17,000 personal units are already providing life-saving protection to countless individuals in Australia. It is used in many recreational and professional marine activities including swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, and fishing. It's even mounted on the boards of many surfers, a common target of shark attacks.

"Sharks greatly affect entry level participation across all sectors of sea activities. This technology will help increase activity growth and allows people to enter the water without fear. We hope that the Shark Shield will change the way people work and play in the sea" Paul Lunn said.

Two coroner inquests into shark attack deaths in Southern Australia have resulted in summaries where employers have been "put on notice" to provide a safer working environment. This has resulted in many professional bodies such as Police, Fisheries, and Universities incorporating a mandatory use policy. Many professional bodies have carried out their own independent testing and this combined with the anecdotal feedback from the recreational users clearly supports the efficiency of the technology and Shark Shield products.

About Shark Shield

Shark Shield Pty. Ltd. is a small privately owned company based in Adelaide Australia, it was incorporated in 1999 and the first production launch was March 2002. The early years were dedicated to Research and Development and field testing against Great White sharks both in South Australia and Jeffries Bay in South Africa, all testing was conducted under the most stringently controlled scientific conditions with Marine Biologists supervising all testing. The second generation models were launched in early 2007 , these are smaller, lighter and have a longer battery life in comparison to the earlier models. Shark Shield has a culture to continually evolve in product improvement and deployment.

Paul Lunn will be available for comment and product showing during a visit to California in September. The newly appointed U.S. distributor is Nuvair. Images available from web-site

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