Ambitious New Site Champions Bet at Home Site System for Sports Betting

New York, NY (PressExposure) November 05, 2011 -- A new resource called recommends shunning old-school forms of online betting and embracing an arbitrage-based approach to gaming. Sports betting and online investment opportunities related to it has become a clever new alternative to prevailing money making concepts on the web. The site provides basic education on this daring new strategy, the different categories of betting systems, and the step by step mechanics of "betting at home" more safely for fun and profit.

The site explains its intent is to educate visitors on the real-world skills needed to do well in online sports betting, while exposing the lies and hype often associated with the subject. "I have been a huge fan of betting in almost every area, and over the years I managed to figure out quite a few ingenious tricks that really opened my mind about betting, and now I feel that I should share my knowledge with everyone who -just like me- is thinking of making money in a more creative way," notes the webmaster. Articles posted on discuss numerous tactics that accomplish this goal, and resources that can assist in the betting.

The most potent technique overviewed, at times obliquely, or at other points bluntly, is one of using the 'bet at home' concept to place bets on both sides of a wager, using two different bookmakers or 'bookies.' Based on several other factors it is possible to consistently realize a positive net profit of as the result of the spread between the bookies. This form of sports arbitrage essentially eliminates risk, especially if a system or software is used to keep track of identifying the spreads. This would make online betting a better opportunity than forex, by way of contrast, as the latter has a a track record of costing most investors money in the long run.

The practical advice given to those making bets is expected to widen as the demands or wrinkles in the sports betting scene changes, according to the site. Whether arbitrage trades, or 'arbs' as they are called, remain an oddity or become saturated over time is something that will be worked out as the online betting industry become more efficient. As a UK betting observer suggests, "from a business perspective bookmakers are only interested in making money. An arbitrageur's bet is still a good bet because, in the long-run, the odds are still in the sportsbooks favor." But anticipates it will serve to keep track of the viability of the tactic as the window for it remains open over the coming years.

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