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Cleveland, OH (PressExposure) March 28, 2009 -- Founder of the American Conservative Values website (, James Rice, has announced that his newly created and quickly growing site is his way of "fighting for his country".

American Conservative Values was started by Rice only a few weeks ago. Its purpose is to expose the lies of the Leftist Liberals--including the lies of the President and Vice President, Senate Majority Leader, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and all their minions in the main stream media, the Congress, the Obama Cabinets, and the state and federal circuit court judiciaries. American Conservative Values also seeks to engage in a war of attrition against the mental disease of Liberalism through education. Conservative books written by Conservative authors are sold in the site's growing book store, as well as books written by prominent scientists which expose the fraud of anthropogenic "global warming".

American Conservative Values expresses outrage about our current educational system--and offers cool-headed solutions instead of crazy Liberal rhetoric. Capitalism, real science as opposed to alarmism and overreactions, a knowledge of American history as opposed to judgments based solely on subjective emotions and revisionism, and timeless principles instead of obsessive change for change's sake are the things which are taught about and furthered at the website.

The Newspeak of the Leftist Liberals is already beginning to wear thin with the general American public. Obama's precious honeymoon with the public is already over, in less than 100 days, as he makes misinformed decisions one after another in rapid succession. But the war is just begun. The Newspeak of the Left has permeated our educational system and our general social interactions. American Conservative Values exposes:

How the Left call slavery to the state "freedom" How the Left define liberty as being only for those who agree completely with them How the Left deliberately confuse "rights" with "privileges" How the Leftist Liberals act purely out of a vicious sense of envy and avarice How the Leftist Liberals devalue all human life--including their own How Leftist Liberal "solutions" are really just methods for making problems worse--and ultimately hiring more bureaucrats to "solve" the problems

American Conservative Values is calling on all Americans to read between the lines of today's popular Liberalism and see how harmful and destructive it truly is. If you want to take part in a real revolution--join us today!

About American Conservative Values

American Conservative Values has a unique website in that we are an exemplar of grassroots movements. We are not a Washington Think Tank. We are not the Cato Institute (although we greatly respect them). We are just a couple of guys who live in the heartland, the Midwestern/Northern United States. And we are disgusted.

American Conservative Values

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