American Conservative Values Says to Specter - "See Ya, Wouldn't Want to Be Ya"

Parma, OH (PressExposure) May 01, 2009 -- American Conservative Values ( absolutely denounces the radical party switch made by now former Republican (and former former Democrat, and now Democrat once again) Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. His move is 100% about political expediency--Specter is a career politician, just like the ones that have inspired us to write about the urgent need for an Amendment creating Congressional term limits at our website. Specter, who has the audacity to claim that the GOP has "moved to the extreme Right" and that that is his motivation for turning the Democrats--which, these days, clearly means the extreme Left, where the radical Liberals lie--is a craven, lying coward.

But, this is nothing new for career politician Specter. He switched loyalties away from the Democrats and to the Republicans way back in 1965. The Democrats seemed strong then, so why the switch? Specter saw the writing on the wall for the Dems with the looming escalation of the war and growing unrest among mature Americans (that is, those over 30) about the Left's decaying of their fortunes and their values, and their encroachment upon individual liberties under the masquerade of the Civil Rights movement (a justifiable movement, but one which the Left used and abused for its own secret war on all people's liberty and prosperity). Ronald Reagan had recently switched to the Republicans (for what he proved to be honest, sincerely held principles), and Nixon had said that there was room for "both left wing and right wing" in that party.

Specter saw that, as good as they were at masking it with their seemingly eternal propaganda machine, the Democrats had some serious internal conflicts, as they campaigned and promised and preached as conservatives in the South, but as liberals in the North. Specter sensed weakness in the party to which he was beholden, even while he saw promises of being permitted to "fit in" and thrive in his then-new political career under the "big tent" of the GOP. Toward the end of 1965, GOP National Committee Chairman Ray Bliss certainly thought that Republicans should play the old (and current) Democrat game; for he stated, "Republicans should quit quarreling over issues, should pick handsome, photogenic candidates…buy plenty of TV time and win."

But what does today's GOP National Committee Chairman Michael Steele say about the Specter switch? He says: "Arlen Specter committed a purely political and self-serving act today. He simply believes he has a better chance of saving his political hide and his job as a Democrat. He loves the title of Senator more than he loves the party--and the principles--that elected him and nurtured him.

"Second--and more importantly--Arlen Specter handed Barack Obama and his band of radical leftists nearly absolute power in the United States Senate. In leaving the Republican Party--and joining the Democrats--he absolutely undercut Republicans' efforts to slow down Obama's radical agenda through the threat of filibuster.

"Facing defeat in Pennsylvania's 2010 Republican primary due to his left-wing voting record, and an end to his 30 year career in the U.S. Senate, he has peddled his services--and his vote--to the leftist Obama Democrats who aim to remake America with their leftist plan.

"As recently as April 9th, Senator Specter said he would run in the Pennsylvania primary next year as a Republican. Why the sudden change of heart? Clearly, this was an act based on political expediency by a craven politician desperate to keep his Washington power base--not the act of a statesman."

Specter has never been a Republican--he has always been a RINO. He positioned himself to take full career advantage of the Reagan Revolution in the aftermath of the abject failure of Carter and the Dems all throughout the 1970s, even while he did as much as he felt he could get away with to cast Leftist Liberal votes in the Senate. He senses that his career grows the way the wind blows. There is nothing philosophical or principled about this recent move at all--it is all for utilitarian ends.

Good riddance, Specter. May you become a specter, indeed.

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