America's 10 Year Old Fitness Guru CJ Senter Teaches Children How To Exercise And Lose Weight

New York, NY (PressExposure) January 24, 2012 -- In a country where obesity among children is one of the biggest problems facing the U.S. a kid only 10 years old, yes that's right just 10 years old, embarrass the authorities. The boy is a real fitness guru with a great looking body.

CJ Senter has motivated the 450 students at his elementary school and other thousands of kids that received or bought his DVDs, to get on their feet and put their video games on the side so they can improve their health and physical appearance. His videos promise to make kids everywhere into mini-gladiators like him.

Even though there are very few adults who could ever hope to have a six pack abs like his, CJ can show the world what he is capable of and prove that anyone no matter the age can have the dreamed body. He has been doing fitness for half his life, he started at age 5 and CJ parents say his self discipline is backed up by a healthy diet. He does eat candy but only in very small quantities and never eat junk food, only fruits and vegetables and organic food.

CJ isn't the only kid fixated on getting lean and healthy, while there is a legitimate worry about obesity in America's kids, there is also a concern now about kids training and dieting like Olympic athletes.

Every doctor asked about CJ Senter training agrees that he is doing better than playing video games for 4 hours a day, but they also say that there is the pressure of looking like their heroes that kids are feeling and can lead to overdoing the whole exercising and dieting at their young age.

Specialists agree that the optimal working time for kids is about one hour per day and that means exercising with 10 to 15 minutes water breaks with no activity.

Some people think about CJ that he is too young to be that ripped or to have that many six pack abs. The most important thing is that his parents are not forcing him to do anything and he is the one who have the ambition to do all those exercising and he just love to help others learn how to get six pack abs like his, in a safe and fun way.

CJ did it the old fashion way, with no weight lifting but only simple and effective exercises. He is giving to all of us a real life example on how to live a healthy life and stay lean and the most important message he is promoting is that if a 10 year old kid can do it, anyone can!

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