America's First Aquamation Centre Has Opened In Ohio

Melbourne, Australia (PressExposure) March 06, 2011 -- Cremation by water, not fire


In future, funeral directors will offer their clients an ABC choice, Aquamation, Burial or Cremation

This project is the result of radical new concept developed by Aquamation Industries, based in, whose team of Indiana engineers and biochemists has fine-tuned and simplified the process with a radical new concept. Aquamation Industries are the only company to have this technology operating.

This new design has cut over a third off the cost of previous equipment. The simplified design has made it virtually maintenance free, and is a much safer workplace for operators who no longer have the risk of operating boilers, and steel vessels at almost double boiling point and under extreme pressures.

Aquamation Industries opened the world's first center in August 2010 in Australia, and will have more than 20 centers using their equipment operating in Australia within 12 months. The USA is on the same fast track to an environmental revolution, with 12 centers planned for California.

The process has been hailed by environmentalists and governments keen to reduce pollution.

It can eliminate the millions of tons of greenhouse gases and mercury pollution spewed into the atmosphere each year from cremations.

Pacemakers do not need to be removed prior to the process, and items such as titanium hip implants remain intact and sterile and can be recycled as well as items of jewelry, gold crowns and other implants.

The client's family receives the bones in the same way as after a cremation. The water that remains is totally sterile.

Aquamation is a more natural, ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to cremations. It uses water instead of fire to return a body to nature. The process is an accelerated form of the same natural way in which human remains return to nature if buried in the earth or placed in a flowing stream of water.

Interested investors or distributors for every state should contact Aquamation Industries to get in at the ground floor to benefit for the exponential growth that is predicted as this major change takes hold.

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