An Advanced And Powerful, Full-Featured Software-Only iSCSI Target Server For Microsoft Windows

Beijing, China (PressExposure) March 23, 2009 -- iStorage Server is IP SAN solution and allows you to quickly export an existing storage such as physical disk, partition, CD/DVD-ROM to all the clients, that delivers immediate benefits allowing storage to be consolidated, virtualized and centrally managed, all the data, such as photos, games, software, movies and so on, will shared to all the clients logon the target. iStorage Server is an ideal choice for any sized business. Even though, it is also a good solution for personal user, he/she can share data between workstation and his/her laptop computer with iStorage Server will bring more convenience.

iStorage Server is a hardware-independent, and do not require an additional hardware. Quickly create an IP SAN in minutes using hardware you already have. iStorage Server takes space on a windows file system and turns it into an iSCSI target. ou can now let any computer on an Ethernet network use this iSCSI storage. It is cost-effective and scalable.

Simply, You can use the following three ways as de solution for your business or home:

All clients share one disk/CD/DVD images with read only mode and one client can run at read write mode.

All clients share one physical disk, partition, CD/DVD-ROM with read only mode, and on client can run at read write mode.

All clients use its own image, iStorage Server will create individual images for each client, and image can be encrypted by CHAP secret.

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Key features

· Provides extremely fast ISCSI RAM disk drives for temporary data storing on network. · Provides security disks for each client, Option, each client use own disk which use his/her CHAP password encrypted. · Provides a built-in iSCSI CD/DVD-ROM emulator which exports existing DVD-ROM ISO images to mounted iSCSI DVD-ROM drives on the clients. This prevents the original DVD-ROM media from possible physical damage or loss, so it also allows client machines without optical drives and allows storing DVD backup data on a single server. · Provides a built-in iSCSI virtual disk emulator. It exports existing disk images to mounted iSCSI disk drives on the clients. All the clients share the same contents. · Provides a network-bridged method. It exports an existing partition, disk, CD/DVD-ROM to clients as a virtual iSCSI drive. · Provides read and write caching, which use memory on server as cache to improve data transfers speed and response time. · Provides CHAP user authentication mechanism. · Provides client's IP address authentication mechanism with additional security. · Provides simple and banausic user management tool, to manage CHAP users. · No restrictions on disk capacity, total number of hard disk installed, number of CPUs or CPU cores, and ethernet ports or the amount of RAM. · Support for x86 and x64 machines. · Support sparse image file on NTFS file system. It allows the size of disk image file only depend on its content used. · Support any features on file system, such as in NTFS, a image file can be encrypted, compressed, or shared with other computers. · Fully conforms to the latest iSCSI Standard 1.0 (former Draft 20).

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