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San Francisco, California (PressExposure) December 03, 2008 -- As the world awaits the inauguration of a new U.S. president, we are reminded that America became the richest country in history because of regular folks like UCLA graduate, winemaker and microbiologist, Ken Givich, who overcome every obstacle to make their All-American Dream come true.

This is what inspires the world. This is the kind of story that revitalizes every hurting American to believe again. In just a few short years, Ken's inspirational perseverance, hard work, sacrifice and devotion paid-off. Even after selling everything he owned to invest in his dream and then losing it all in a devastating fire, and then finally coming to market again years later in the midst of a deep recession. This is the story of the ordinary American hero...the cop, the single mother, the nurse, the would-be winemaker whose dream came true:

Ken has been the Director of Microbiology for the famed producer of America's finest gourmet chocolate for 30-years, and appeared in 'Wall Street Journal' ads as an advocate for Infinite cars. Like many Americans who have busy schedules, responsibilities and commitments--he had a secret dream. To create fine, handcrafted, affordable Napa Valley artisan wines that regular Americans would enjoy.

Winemaking is a highly competitive and ancient industry that dates back 8,000 years. Wine is considered the drink of celebration, vitality and of the gods. And now Ken would need the vitality of the gods because he founded Givich Vineyards and was now working at two fulltime, demanding professions.

Oak trees dot the rolling hillsides that produce the exceptional grapes that go into Givich wines also appear as the logo on every bottle of Givich wine. From antiquity oaks have symbolized enormous potential from small beginnings and also virtue, strength, resiliency and rebirth.

Incredibly, a bit of magic happened with the very first barrel of Zinfandel that Ken produced. He won a Gold Medal and decided to sell everything he owned to invest in his winery while still working long hours as a microbiologist over an hour's drive away.

Then just as years of arduous efforts seemed ready to bear fruit, and with Ken's 2002, 2003 and 2004 vintages all proudly bottled and stored to age---disaster struck with the weight of a body-blow.

Ken's total investment in time, capital and his inventory of bottled-wines was wiped-out in an October 2005 warehouse fire. He was bowed, but not broken. He shook it off and got back in the game, fueled by devotion to his dream.

Today, with nearly a decade invested and his wines barrel and bottle aged and ready for market, Ken received word that Wine Spectator awarded his 2006 Givich Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Mt. Veder 88 points! As he was savoring this exciting news, the U.S. economy nose-dived into a recession. Like many others in this difficult time, Ken's hopes were once again imperiled, but he decided on an offer that would hopefully make him long-time winery friends.

With a purchase of five bottles of either Givich 2005 Chardonnay Napa Valley, or Givich Zinfandel El Dorado County new buyers receive a sixth bottle and shipping free. A nearly $30.00 savings on already value-priced artisan wines.

Both of Ken's varietals are painstakingly crafted in small batches to create luxurious color and flavor to reflect their grape source and terrior. With the holidays coming this is a delicious wine to savor, to proudly serve to guests or give as very welcome holiday and hostess gifts.

But even more than that, it's about the tradition, quality and values that exemplify the American Dream. Givich Vineyard wines are available direct from the winemaker, Ken Givich. Contact Ken at:

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