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Eastort, NY (PressExposure) July 29, 2009 -- There are many anti-itch products on the market. The question is, which one is going to help the most? Itchy skin care be caused by a variety of different conditions. Maybe you have eczema or some other type of dermatitis. You might have a mosquito bite or bee sting that's driving you crazy. When your children are playing outside and accidentally come in contact with poison ivy, what will offer the quickest and most effective relief? The best way to relieve itching skin is to heal the cause of the itch. Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, some anti-itch products have difficulty accomplishing this.

Honeymark's secret weapon is an ingredient that comes from the far reaches of the earth, 8000 miles away in the remote, pollution-free countryside of New Zealand. It's called Manuka Honey and it's produced by bees that use the nectar from a native plant called the Manuka tea tree. Manuka Honey has the ability to repair damaged skin and regenerate new healthy skin growth. It also contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that minimizes, or even eliminate irritation and redness. Studies have shown that Manuka Honey has far more healing properties than other types of honey and even some traditional forms of medication.

When using pure Manuka Honey on the skin, you can imagine the sticky mess that one would have to deal with. However, Honeymark's Anti-Itch Cream offers a much more viable and user-friendly solution. Manuka Honey can be diluted up to 100 times and still maintain its efficacy. Blended together with other ingredients that help get to the root of the problem, this product is capable of providing relief fast, even when other products fail.

"Manuka Honey is gaining worldwide recognition for its unparalleled healing ability," says Frank Buonanotte, CEO of Honeymark International. "It's not only extremely effective in remedying a wide spectrum of skin conditions but it also works very quickly. And because Manuka Honey is a natural ingredient, it's been found to have no negative side effects, unlike other ingredients commonly found in anti-itch creams."

Manuka Honey is considered to be a humectant, locking moisture into skin cells. As a general rule, hydrated skin always heals faster than dry skin. It's ability to draw and retain moisture into the skin contributes to its ability to relieve the itching sensation caused by some skin irritants and improves upon the scaly texture that dry skin conditions can cause. Manuka Honey can even diffuse into the depth of skin tissue, past the epidermis layer and getting to deep seeded conditions that other anti-itch products can't reach.

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