An Up and Coming Mobile Game Promises to Bridge the Gap on Many Issues Plaguing the Video Gaming Industry

Pathumtani, Thailand (PressExposure) April 16, 2014 -- An independent mobile game developer, Sneaky Bruno Games, has an up and coming mobile game called The Great Brain Adventure that promises to bridge the gap on many issues currently plaguing the mobile gaming industry.

The game promises to: 1. Bridge the gap between games that are fun and educational - which previous attempts to do so has generally met failure. Game critics say that it is impossible to have an entertaining educational game. It is either entertaining or educational. This game aims to prove that both can co-exist.

2. It aims to target female gamers and patrons of educational games. There appears to be a deficit in games with female role models and a deficit in educational games. One of the stars of The Great Brain Adventure is a girl who will need to rely on her brains to beat the villains of the game.

3. The game is being developed by a team of one who started with nothing and invested everything with hopes of shaking up the notion that entertainment and education can mix and that the gaming market can have successful games meant for women.

4. It's a puzzle game, adventure game and a social game mixed in to one.

5. The game is driven by a heartwarming story of four heroes and their attempt to traverse an unknown world to try to get back home. The journey will take them to 16 worlds guarded by 32 villains. The game's adventure and story elements is similar to the Wizard of Oz. The game is comparable to QuizUp, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire when it comes to the puzzle elements. The social element is a mix between the social feature of Candy Crush and when people watch game shows.

6. The game promises to break the hermit effect that happen to gamers when they play games. The game encourages friends, family and even strangers to work together to play the game just like how people answer trivia questions together when watching game shows.

7. The game wants to embody positive vibes - happiness and laughter as seen in the music choices, story, color, characters and art style. - The game industry is criticized for having games that are violent and adult themed. Here is a game that both adults and kids can play and remain entertained and challenged.

8. One of the lead heroes is a little Indian girl named "Blossom" Bhavna Brain. An orphan adopted by the Brain family. There is also a secondary female sidekick/hero named Bastet, a cat. There are 4 total heroes or playable characters. - The game industry is often criticized for not having enough "minority" characters in games. Here is a game in which one of its main stars is an Indian girl.

More details of the game can be found in | Game's founder can be contacted at

The game is also in Kickstarter trying to find good Samaritans to back the game.

About Sneaky Bruno Games

Sneaky Bruno Games is an independent mobile game developer - creating games for Android and iOS devices. The Great Brain Adventure is its first game. Information about the game and company can be found in It also has a kickstarter project under the name The Great Brain Adventure

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