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Highland, UT (PressExposure) May 21, 2011 -- Angelcare Monitor who currently manufactures the best rated movement baby monitors in the world is eagerly awaiting delivery of their most sought after baby monitor in years.

One of the first shipments of the Angelcare Video Monitor aka: Angelcare Monitor AC1100 was planned on arriving and become available to consumers via internet ecommerce sites and similar store outlets by June 1st, but is now re-scheduled for June 15th, 2011. This was due in part to the Tsunami that recently hit the shores of Japan causing damage to the Toshiba factor which makes some of the internal parts to this baby monitor.

Angelcare's only real competition in the movement baby monitors arena has been Babysense. Although they both offer an apnea monitor for infant and babies, Angelcare, unlike Babysense offers both a parent and nursery monitoring unit, which seems to cater better to both U.S. and Canadian consumers. Thus, Angelcare has dominated this movement baby monitors niche in both U.S. and Canada and throughout much of Europe and is expected to gain even more market share once the new Angelcare Monitor AC1100 units arrive and become available to parents and consumers.

Meanwhile, in order to make sure parents have the first chance possible in getting their hands on Angelcare Monitor AC1100 video movement baby monitors, is accepting pre-orders available exclusively from their website. is a leading ecommerce store specializing in high quality baby monitors and is doing everything possible (including a $40 discount) to make sure their customers get a piece of that scheduled June 15th shipment.

Though they offer other baby monitors with video monitor features (with the exception of the Summer Infant Video Monitor), none of these other baby monitor manufactures including Babysense, Bebe Sounds Monitor, Summer Infant Monitor and Graco offer any movement baby monitors features.

Over the last few years with continued advancement in technology, these movement baby monitors features are very important as you discover more effective methods on how to monitor your baby. As now while their baby takes a nap or even down for the night, parents can receive more sleep themselves knowing their baby is breathing normally, and would be notified if otherwise by the parent unit's alarm.

Angelcare Monitor has made it their mission to develop and perfect these movement baby monitors so that these "sids monitor" units (as some people call them) when now combined with video features will create the "ultimate baby monitor".

As never before has there been a breathing monitor combined with the video monitoring features which will be exclusively offered by Angelcare.

These movement baby monitors are special to parents as they easy to install under the baby's mattress and are extremely sensitive to a baby's breathing movements. And will in turn sound an alarm if not movement is detected by the baby for any 20 second period. And thus is why many call them a breathing monitor or sids monitor for short.

However, now when combined with video monitor features like adjustable camera angle, night vision capabilities up to 25', and a 2.75" color monitor display with reception just over 800 feet, parents can now monitor their baby with much more information available to them.

But nobody is more excited about this new Angelcare AC1100 more than Angelcare who believes with all of this "buzz" and hype by parents through various Angelcare Monitor reviews and blogs, that the AC1100 may far exceed initial sales expectations. And thus, may very well create and establish a new threshold for movement baby monitors for years to come.

About Premier Products Online, llc will be offering a $40 pre-order discount up until approximately June 1-7th at which time this discount will be removed permanently. You can pre-order your Angelcare Monitor AC1100 and receive your $40 pre-order discount by going to Angelcare AC1100.

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