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Miami, Florida (PressExposure) July 08, 2011 -- Typically when a person suffers from a condition known as Angular Cheilitis [], they experience a cracking and chaffing around the corners of the lips. Most often this is caused by an excess of saliva in the area or even bacteria. The problem with this condition is that most consumers often seek the help of experienced medical professionals with no available permanent solution. Why is this?

Typically, Doctors will prescribe what is known as hydrocortison cream which is often ineffective for most cases of angular cheilitis. What the doctors fail to realize is they are treating the symptoms of an underlying condition rather than the root of the problem. So instead of fixing the root of the problem, the continue to offer temporary solutions. Has you can imagine, this can become terribly frustrating.

New studies show that Angular Cheilitis may be caused by nutritional deficiencies, such as vitamin B or even Iron. Angular Cheilitis Treatment can be hard to find if the patient continually treats the symptoms rather than the underlying root condition of the problem. With new information in hand, sufferers of Angular Cheilitis [], the cracking of the corners of the mouth, can take effective action rather than applying topical creams has the doctors prescribe. Patients now see it doesn't make sense to apply creams and treat symptoms but are rather taking vitamin supplements and seeking whole body medicine and treatment. With the inability of the body to produce certain chemicals and initiate certain reactions, conditions appear such as dreaded angular cheilitis. Permanent solutions, rather than temporary fixes can now be undertaken by sufferers.

Dr. Maci, who specializes in angular cheilitis has recently came out with a report detailing the bodies need for B vitamins to prevent angular cheilitis in people who are prone to the condition. People such as those who were dentures, salivate alot or with excess bacteria around the mouth are at particular risk. If the body does not metabolize B vitamins, it can not ward off these infections which become angular cheilitis. She does go on to call Angular cheilitis a recurrent infection.

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