Animal Lovers Learn Animal Communication Techniques, Raise Funds for Wild Horse Rescue

Mims, FL (PressExposure) April 30, 2009 -- Wild horses have been subjected to man's cruelties for centuries and the long term effects have been devastating. Without help, these beautiful earthly matriarchs are headed for extinction. They are magical, forgiving and very curious spirits that will enchant and challenge you, changing your life forever.

On April 25 and 26, Animal communicator Kumari Mullin offered a rare opportunity for thirteen area animal lovers to experience the spirits of America’s wild horses first hand, while honing their animal communication techniques. The center’s Founder, Diane DeLano and a Board member also attended at no charge so that they could enhance their communication skills to help with the often challenging rescue cases they receive.

Kumari donated $1320 from the event to the Wild Horse Rescue Center in Mims, FL, host of the event, to help feed abused or neglected Mustangs rehabilitating at the center. The average cost to feed one horse is close to $100 a month. This donation will help feed 13 mustangs this month, or one mustang for a year.

A particularly inspirational moment of the weekend happened on Sunday, April 26, when the entire class practiced on a mustang mare, Ally. When asked how she was feeling, several students and Kumari all got the same answer: “headache”. As it turns out the mare had suffered a fractured skull previously, and still had a lot of physical issues from that trauma.

Kumari then treated the mare with Reiki healing energy, and witnessed one of the most extraordinary “releases” she had ever seen.

Kumari explained, “The mare lifted her head straight up then twisted her neck around and pursed her lips, while at the same time, she extended her right hind leg straight out, perfectly parallel to the ground, and she did this without moving an inch so she was careful not to push me at all!

Truly amazing. I have not seen a horse stretch like this without a chiropractor at the other end, pulling hard.”

After that release, Mary Alice, a volunteer noted that Ally’s headache had eased up, because “her eyes were more relaxed and open.”

Kumari continued, “The mustangs I have worked with here are the opposite of what you might expect from a once-wild animal: they are curious, sensitive, aware and extremely trusting once you prove to be trustworthy in their eyes. Diane Delana’s work with them is quite remarkable, and I am honored to help out where I can in this important rehabilitation work.”

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About Kumari Healing

Kumari Mullin is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Attorney, Counselor and Animal Communicator. She has been practicing and teaching intuitive and energy healing with animals and humans since 1991. For the past 20 years she studied and lived with internationally acclaimed Meditation Masters, Reiki Masters and healers and also with interspecies telepathic communication pioneer Penelope Smith. Kumari began riding at age 8, and her first love was an ex-race horse named Happy. Her passion for unveiling the deeply spiritual connection between humans and animals evokes the mystical from the mundane. Her clients and students include doctors, veterinarians, trainers, holistic practitioners, rescue organizations and zoos.

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