Announcing MONEY The New Music Video from Singer/Songwriter Miss Kristin

New York, New York (PressExposure) January 20, 2012 -- Miss Kristin certainly isn't new to the music scene. Her style is difficult to confine to one genre as she combines several into a completely unique work of lyrical art, each with a different message. All of her albums encompass the plight and absolute realism faced by many of the working poor and the societal downtrodden.

MONEY, one of the new songs on her The Elephant Groove album which is now available at iTunes and other online retailers, describes Miss Kristins relationship with money in both jovial and humanistic terms. In the video itself, Kristin is seen grabbing at dollar bills while expressing with all the bills to pay, shes in way too deep. The video is a humorous look at society's complex relationship with money and how some people are never satisfied with how much money they earn. Money is one of those items that is nearly impossible to live without.

Simply put, Money is a poetic and heavily sarcastic four minute video blast at the indispensable nature of money and how it affects the average person. We would all love just to be able to pay our bills and survive, but who wouldn't love to be driving down Rodeo Drive in a Porsche without a care in the world?

True to its name, money makes several regular appearances in the video. Miss Kristin regularly throws the bills in the air in an exasperated manner, which one could easily equate with frustration. This gesture seemingly pokes fun at several other music videos where money is also used as a fixture to demonstrate the singers popularity and wealth. Or perhaps as the song states, Miss Kristin is just aggravated by how difficult it is for the working class to earn enough to barely get by while the rich have no problems at all.

In Money, Miss Kristin connects with the average listener struggling to survive financially in a world where materialism is prized above all else. In essence, the song engages the listener in a very real struggle that several people (excluding the super-rich, of course) have to live with from paycheck to paycheck.

The lyrics also ring quite true in their japes at the rich and others in the well-off upper echelons of society:

Oh my God, its the tax man.

Hes knockin on my door.

Oh my God, he wants my blood.

He says I must pay more!

Those individuals who understand what it is like to live on a shoestring or bootstraps budget will be able to find dark humor in the lyrics and will enjoy the song for the stance it takes against extravagance and rich indulgences.

Talent-wise, Money speaks to Miss Kristins imaginative and innovative nature. She not only wrote the song; she also sang the lead and backup vocals and played the entire background accompaniment (guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, and drum programming). Each of these layers recorded independently of one another before editing them together to create one cohesive piece. Miss Kristin also used her video editing expertise to turn Money into a visual spectacle complete with a number of creative background effects and surface distortions. Many of the background images have something to do with money, whether the backdrop is pennies at the bottom of a fountain, or coins on a shelf in an arcade game.

Money is, on the surface, a fun and light-hearted video to be shared among indie scene music friends, but its deeper and implied message of social justice for the poor and less fortunate should not be overlooked.

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