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Elmsford, New York (PressExposure) June 11, 2013 -- New York former forensic crime scene expert John Perkins sees the horrific Ariel Castro kidnappings and 10 year abduction of 3 Cleveland women as a wake-up call to women (and men) everywhere. "It's an unfortunate fact of life but the truth is this: when you have only seconds to escape, the cops are only minutes away. This really should get you thinking about preserving your own personal safety."

As a retired Yonkers NY detective, Perkins admits that the police can almost never protect you from violent crimes in progress such as kidnappings and abductions. "Their function is to track down and arrest the bad guys but it is almost always after the fact. In other words, if you really want to be safe, you need to become your own body guard."

According to Perkins, the average person is not only often oblivious to their surroundings but because of cultural conditioning, cannot recognize danger when it's staring them in the face due to what he calls a "dependency mindset". "A violent and dangerous predator will often lure or hypnotize you into a false sense of security before assaulting you...and when he does, the shock and denial will be all the more immobilizing. This is because the average person depends not only on the civility of common society but also on the assumption that the police prevent such occurrences in the first place or can come to your rescue. In the end, your safety is really your own responsibility."

To raise awareness, Perkins is holding what he calls an "Anti-abduction" seminar for the Westchester community at the Bodywerx II gym in Elmsford NY on July 14th. "'Awareness' is actually the most appropriate word here" he says, "because people are not only unaware of the problem, they need to learn that developed Awareness is actually your most important self defense tool. Knowing what to look for may eliminate the need for using physical a point that is." As part of the seminar he is also teaching simple, brutal techniques based on World War II hand-to-hand combat methods. "If things turn bad, you really don't want to be trying out sports-based or complicated martial arts moves" says Perkins, "you've got to be able to end it in two seconds or less and escape if you want to live."

About Adaptive Defense Inc.

Guided Chaos: Adaptive Defense Inc. Created by former forensic crime scene expert John Perkins.

"John Perkins is an expert on the dynamics of violence." --Dr. Peter Pizzola, Director, NYPD Crime Lab.

"John Perkins' combat methods are the most efficient and devastating that I have experienced before, during, and since the military. --Ret. Lieutenant Dick Shea, original Navy SEAL team member.

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