Anti-Inflammatory Fats Are Effective Home Remedies For Acne

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Have you ever heard fats or oils can be an effective home remedies for acne? Or, have you ever been advised by your dermatologist to consume more fats or oil in order to cure your acne problems? These may sound paradoxical as most of us understand acne as being caused by the over-production of oil by the sebaceous glands underneath our skin. Shouldn't we reduce the intake of oils or fats so that the sebaceous glands will have less oil to secrete or exude? Well, that is exactly the opposite if you want to cure your acne.

The whole rationale of consuming more fats for permanent acne treatments stem from the understanding that poor digestive health of the gastrointestinal tract leads to the accumulation of toxins in the tract. These toxins are not expelled from the body effectively due to poor gut health. Hence, the body looks for other avenue to get rid of the toxins. What we will notice is the toxins are often dumped at the sebaceous glands. This is how Dr Andrew Rubman of the Southbury Clinic for Traditional Medicine in Connecticut puts it. These toxins, landed beneath the skin, start to cause a chain of effects that result in the overproduction of oils, and ultimately the clogging of the pores on the skin. Dr Rubman explains that the toxins are actually "pro-inflammatory" biochemicals, meaning they have a tendency to cause inflammation in our body and, in this case, inflammation of the skin.

So, what can we do about these "pro-inflammatory" toxins that can wreak havoc in our body and our skin? According to Dr Rubman we must stop or prevent those toxins from being dumped on the skin. He believes that we need to take anti-inflammatory fats to combat the "pro-inflammatory" toxins in the intestines. These inflammatory fats are specific fatty acids found in certain fish, nuts and seeds. Dr Rubman explains that the anti-inflammatory fatty acids can essentially eliminate and get rid of the pro-inflammatory toxins before the body sends them to the skin and the sebaceous glands. Using this acne treatment Dr Rubman has been very successful in clearing up adult acne of his patients.

Life is often full of paradox. Fats for fats, oil for oil. Perhaps, it is time for conventional skin therapy to take on a new direction for acne cure. Antibiotics and anti-inflammation medication can merely control the acne problems from getting worse. When certain antibiotics are no longer effective, new antibiotics are prescribed for the acne patients. This approach may need to be re-engineered for the benefits of the acne patients, both their acne cure and health.

Again, a paradigm shift is necessary for the acne patients as well as the medical professionals who treat acne. This type of acne treatments can easily be adopted as home remedies for acne in time to come, when people are more educated and informed of the method and the know-how details. Certainly, this will affect the acne industry, ranging from the high-priced professionals to "an incredible laundry list of very potent and expensive medications, including topical and oral antibiotics", Dr Rubman says. However, the acne patients will reap the most benefits in terms of treatment cost and permanent cure from adult acne.

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