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Loma Verde, (PressExposure) April 27, 2012 -- Keep your home and office safe with today's most innovative flooring products

America's most aggressive flooring company has come up with state-of-the-art technology that would solve all the unnecessary accidents occurring at home or at the office. Slips and falls remain to be the leading reason of accidents and lawsuits in the US. If you can make your place slip-free, then you can avoid all the costly and time-consuming setbacks originating from these highly preventable incidents.

Safety Direct America supplies anti-slip floor treatments and services for over a decade now. The company has been around for more than 15 years, providing adhesive and anti-slip tapes, including cleaning products for anti-slip treated floors. They also supply glow-in-the-dark treatment products as well as DIY anti-slip abrasive coatings. Safety Direct America also offers slip resistance testing services for companies and institutions.

Just recently, Safety Direct America came up with the most innovative product that can minimize your risks, avoid lawsuits, and permanently stop slip and falls in your place. With their patented Non-Slip 21 process, your floor will become 100% slip-free both in wet and dry conditions.

Non-Slip 21 is a non-abrasive, transparent coating that is professionally applied on the floor. The product has been tested and proven to reduce - if not totally eradicate - the instances of slips and falls in commercial, institutional, or industrial properties. The performance of the product, including the floor in general, will be monitored regularly to make sure that customers get exactly the results that they want.

Safety Direct America's Non-Slip 21 process is the only floor treatment product that is endorsed by the Ceramic Tile Institute of America. Non-Slip 21 continuously passes the quarterly slip resistance tests as mandated by the government for over five years. More and more companies are looking into this product as a solution to finally put an end to unnecessary accidents.

Non-Slip 21 retains the look and beauty of your floor as dramatically it improves its safety factor. The treatment won't affect the floor's appearance at all during, before, or after the application. This new technology as released by Safety Direct America is way different from the usual anti-slip programs implemented by other companies. While theirs are either acid etched or sand blasted, Non-Slip 21 produces a transparent, honey-comb structure right at the top of the floor's surface. The result is better suction and traction even on wet conditions. This feature is guaranteed to increase the slip resistance of your floor in a manner that's way better than the competition.

Safety Direct America goes out of the way of providing impeccable service by providing floor friction testing service to periodically check the safety of your floors, along all the necessary legal documentations to go with it. These reports are signed duly by a registered engineer.

Safety Direct America's line of elite clients includes the prestigious 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab located in Dubai. They are also the company of choice of numerous airports, health clubs, cruise ships, and restaurants.

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