Antioxidants - The Fountain of Youth at Last!

Weston, FL (PressExposure) January 06, 2010 -- Ever since the Dawn of Mankind, people have pursued the golden dream of eternal youth, hoping to avoid the "mysterious forces" of old age. Today, an increasing number of anti-aging studies ratify the relation between the effects of old age and tiny molecules and atoms with unpaired electrons, known as "free radicals".

Most anti-aging therapies state that free radicals damage the cell's mitochondria and trigger the decay and death of the cell or group of cells. On December, 2009, investigators from the University of Florida, University of Wisconsin and three other institutions, announced that when oxidation weakens the mitochondria membrane harmful proteins move into the rest of the cell. They ratified that boosting the defenses of the mitochondria with vitamins and minerals known as antioxidants (Mother Nature's atomic warfare against free radicals, found in most natural antioxidant supplements and herbal supplements) prevents or reduces this damage, prolonging youth.

Free radicals are produced by our body and also obtained from external sources (processed foods, chemicals, drugs, pollution, preservatives, pesticides, trans and hydrogenated fats, etc.). Luckily, our bodies have natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. But if their level exceeds our body's capacity to neutralize them, disease and decay follow. The best solution is the regular ingestion of antioxidant foods and natural antioxidant supplements.

Another recent anti-aging research by the University of Pittsburgh studied 2,000 men and women over 70 for a period of two years. Also on December, 2009, they announced that there is a "significant" link between the intake of antioxidants and an increase in muscle strength.

In sum, as recent anti-aging studies ratify, antioxidants are Mother Nature's atomic warfare against free radicals, providing countless benefits, from boosting immunity to prolonging physical and mental youth.


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