Antique & Collectible Blogger Daryle Lambert Challenges Readers to Make $1M in 31 Inc's Million Dollar Race

Chicago, Illinois (PressExposure) October 02, 2007 -- "The Guy in the Red Tie" Blogger, Daryle S. Lambert, author of "31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles," and leader of the book's spin-off wealth accumulation club, the 31 Club, ( has challenged his readers and members to buy and sell their way to their first million dollars starting with only $100, following the path he lays out in his book.

Already, readers and members of the 31 Club are sending in stories and pictures of their garage sale and auction finds each week, eager to embark upon the next step of the plan, which, if followed, promises to exponentially grow their funds over time into more than a million dollars.

"This million dollar challenge requires a completely different way of thinking," says Colin Craig, a 31 Club member. "The end result of this plan is mind boggling. When I look at the numbers, any difficulty I've had in the past with disciplining myself wants to fly right out the window. I can hardly wait until I reach that step where the dollars in my account just explodes for me."

Readers and members of the 31 Club, are educating themselves, in part, by keeping up with Lambert's blogs, reading his book, and keeping in touch with one another. They all share the common goal of building an account worth millions for themselves and their families by making savvy decisions buying and selling antiques, collectibles and fine art, one step at a time. They've made the choice to think differently about buying and selling, and committed themselves to a disciplined approach to handling profits by following Lambert's plan, step by step.

New member, Vicky Hufstetler, of Michigan, made 8 times her investment when she spotted six boxes of vintage phonograph needles at an estate sale and purchased them all for $100, the amount with which Lambert recommends starting a trading account. She sold them all on eBay, for $832.71. The next step she makes will determine how quickly she reaches the finish line in the Million Dollar Race.

"The Guy in the Red Tie" daily blog covers a range of topics, as Lambert makes the connections between economics, shifting and changing markets, and the value of compounding money.

"Nobody has to starve in this business. For those who begin to develop an eye for the rare and to master the discipline, the world will become their oyster with the black pearl. And we're here to help them get there," says Lambert.

About 31 Inc

About 31, Inc.

31 Inc. ([]) teaches wealth building within the antiques, collectibles, and fine art markets, and is dedicated to helping to create industry millionaires through the wealth accumulation methods set forth in Daryle S. Lambert’s book “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles. Lambert, founder of 31 Inc., authors “The Guy in the Red Tie” antiques blog ( and heads up the 31 Club. In addition, the corporation maintains a growing online marketplace and fine art gallery.

Mr. Lambert is available for interviews with accredited media. To schedule an interview contact Cindy Stackler Nieder, Director of Marketing & Publicity at 847-347-5074.

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