AquaPonics Ideas Discovers a Brilliant Method of Growing Plants and Fishes by 10x's the Average with the Help of Certain Fish

Newbury Park, California (PressExposure) February 24, 2012 -- AquaPonics Ideas has ended the long waiting process in growing quality produce by creating aquaponics, a brilliant and efficient method of growing freshwater fish, vegetables, and even fruits in one controlled closed fresh water system. Compared to conventional aquaculture, it does not require constant drainage and replacement of water. The plants serve as the biological filters which sustain the cleanliness of the water. The aquaponics technique allows the fish to thrive in the closed system and produce the different nutrients required to grow plants. This scientifically backed up research development boosts plant growth by 10x's in half the time.

The term "aquaponics" actually came from the words "aquaculture" and "hydroponics". Aquaculture is the method of growing fish in a close system; while hydroponics is the process of growing fruits and vegetable with water alone. These two traditional methods, when combined, result to aquaponics. Its benefits include requirement of only a minimal space, inexpensive materials and tools, fairly easy start up, system flexibility, and maximum desired output to name a few. Unlike traditional and commercial agriculture, aquaponics does not require herbicides, pesticides, or other chemicals; fish and vegetables produced are fresh and 100% natural.

A growing number of aquaponic enthusiasts around the world have benefited to the sustainability provided by the system. They are able to rely on aquaponics to provide them with healthy and organic fruits and vegetables and fresh, tasty fish all year long. The great thing about aquaponics is users can control the system to scale it up or down according to how much harvest or production is needed. Every six months, a harvest may reach up to 50 kilograms of freshwater fish and up to 100 kilogram of vegetable yield.

Aquaponic has been made available to the public. Consumers who are interested in purchasing this innovative freshwater product can get it for their home at a reasonable price.

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