Aquaponic-Gardening Saves Families Money and Is an Amazing Survival Plan

Fort Garland, Colorado (PressExposure) November 09, 2011 -- The aquaponic gardening system works great because it uses fish, plants and microbes all working together, in unison. The fish waste is used to feed the plants. The natural bacteria or microbes in the system, breaks down the ammonia from the fish waste and converts it, into pure nitrogen that feeds the plants. The plant waste then feeds the fish and the cycle continues again.

One of the best things about aquaponic gardening, is that it uses very little water, the food grows up to eight times faster than any soil based produce and four more times the density. The fish growing in the tank can be eaten as an excellent source of protein too. Currently there are over three hundred plant species that can be successfully grown in an aquaponics system; along with a selection of fish, including crayfish. Think of what an aquaponic gardening in house system, could save the average family on food bills alone!

Another reason why people might want to consider doing aquaponics is because of the current worldwide economy. When food is being burned as fuel and the cost of produce goes up every week in stores, then having a ready made food source available, only seems to make far better sense. Aquaponic gardening may very well end up being the survival food for many millions of people around the world.

Here are some chilling facts that people should be considering now; It is mathematically impossible for America to keep existing the very same way, with all the financial debt rising as it currently is. Burning food as fuel, when millions of people are staving and living in poverty. Chemicals and pesticides along with genetic seed alteration, continue to leech into waterways and soil, which will ensure poor quality crops and eventual failure. Milk and meats with hormone additives, can eventually cause problems to children's growing bodies.

Take a look around in the world just in these past two weeks: Greece has all but folded and the people there, have totally lost faith in their system. They are angry and feel betrayed. Italy is now on the verge of collapse with debt and huge problems that now face the Italian people. The European Union is now bulging with debt overload. This kind of union has just proved to millions of people, that a multi-debt system through one primary source does not work. These kinds of international problems, will also have a huge impact in America too.

So what now?

If you have preplanned, have your aquaponics system up and running, you will have a better than average chance of being able to weather the storm, that is fast approaching the horizon. Now more than ever before, is the time to start aquaponics.

There is a new aquaponics research guide for beginners, humorously named "Fish Poop Can Feed Your Family."

The guide is full of links to other research materials, ideas, plans and ways to have a successful aquaponics system.This guide also has some really great ideas for cheaper and alternative ways to set up a great aquaponics system.

There are also two additional free giveaway's when you purchase the aquaponics guide, which goes into cultivating seeds and building a cheap greenhouse. Great products for a very reasonable price, pick your copy up today.

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