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San Jose,, CA (PressExposure) April 10, 2009 -- Drinking tap water or bottled water is not healthy and it does not maintain any standards for water purification. [] tells about shower and drinking water filter [] which helps in maintaining the purity of water along with its minerals.

Some comprehensive studies have proved that there are over 2,100 toxins in the water which we drink. These toxins include: chlorine, lead, chemicals that get into the water supply from large farming run offs, and corporate pollution. Then what about the bottled water…? Even the bottled water does not protect health and sometimes they will not be more pure than tap water. This is because they do not follow the government standards which make it no better than the tap water and the cost would be more than gasoline.

As the people have started using more and more bottled water, millions of plastic bottles are manufactured, transported and later disposed which will effect the environment of our planet as well. The solution for this problem would be to use a whole house water filter [] system that will maintain the health of a family and also protect the environment.

There are certain best selling systems which purifies water along with removing the beneficial minerals required for health. They do not have multi filtration as a result they let the worst toxins unfiltered in the water.

[] presents ‘Aquasana’, one of the best water filters ever which is voted as the “Best Buy” by the Consumer Digest Magazine for five years. Other than Aquasana, the website also offers many useful products such as shower water filter, portable water filters, water filter cartridges, which are designed to produce pure water.

Along with this, sell individual Aquasana glass water bottle filters which will replace plastic bottled water, water filters for individual faucets and a top rated whole house water purifier and filter.

Visit [] and get the complete details about the water filters and buy the best Aquasana water filter to live better than before by drinking and bathing purified water.

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