Are Advertising and Marketing the Same?

Telford, PA (PressExposure) October 06, 2009 -- Advertising and marketing is a billion dollar business. In fact, these are the fastest and ever growing in the industry today that many would want to cash in on these two.

But do you really know the meaning of these two terms? Many business owners and marketers do not. They often even confuse the two that many ineffective strategies have been produced for this reason.

So are they similar? Or are they different?

Although both are used to help increase the income of any business, marketing and advertising are very much different from each other. Nevertheless, both are equally important. If you want your business to have any chance of being successful in your field, you need to fully understand the distinction between the two terms.

To start with, advertising and marketing can be described according to the manner your business would have to introduce the products and services being offered. For one, when advertising, you are putting yourself in the limelight through the use of different media sources, e.g. TV and radio commercials; produce collaterals such as brochure printing and cheap brochure printing; write press releases and submit to different publications; initiate trade exhibits; just to name a few.

This just means that when advertising, you make your business become a public entity. You utilize these different venues and means to ensure that the consumers would know about you and your brand. Branding is therefore your objective; advertising would be your means to get your business recognized and remembered.

Marketing on the other hand, is a much bigger concept. In fact, advertising is just one of the stages in marketing. Brochure printing or cheap brochure printing for example is just a small part in the whole scheme of marketing. It is the total psychology of getting more sales and increasing the profits of your business. It is the umbrella of all your strategies to promote yourself to your target audience.

Marketing therefore needs a lot of psychology and concept building. You need to research and create your strategy to produce your campaign. This is very important for you to understand because when you realize the immensity of the whole marketing process, you will realize that it involves strategizing so you can position your business in such a way that people come to you even if you don't sell directly.

From the graphic images you choose that will be included in your campaign, to the words you use to convey your message and even the shade of color of your paper - these are parts of the strategy you come up with the end goal of generating as many clients to take your offer.

Knowing full well the difference between the two and understating each of their roles in your business can go a long way in providing you a business that grows and thrives in a very competitive industry.

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